Friday 15 February 2013

Rusty, rustic and a little secret...

I think the theme for this Sunday's Fair at Gateshead International Stadium is to be rusty and rustic....with a lot of red.

A rustic French linen nightshirt with initials AG....

And a platter full of rusty old keys.

Coming along to keep an eye on proceedings will be this well loved, straw filled, linen covered French dog. All the way from Bordeaux to Northumberland courtesy of a regular dealer at the Hexham Fair on Tuesday.

 Boot button eyes....

 And the remnants of a spotty coat....or are they old kiss marks from his loving owner years ago?

The sun is shining today and the birds are for the first time in ages I am going to drag furniture outside and paint in the fresh air.

Thank goodness the snow and ice have gone ( fingers crossed ) and the snowdrops and other bulbs are pushing their way through.

Spring must be on its way.

As for the little secret.....I will let you know next time.

Old keys may well be needed to open it.....

Julie x