Sunday 24 January 2016


At long last we have moved!
After months of living out of boxes in a cramped rental.. we now have space, space, space.....

A typical Northumbrian farm...and...with a big barn for storage...yes!

The garden faces South and has the bones of a pretty mix of formal and informal, herb border and flagged patio for eating outside.
My favourite plants are going to be the wild strawberries that line the sides of the brick paths.
 Roll on Summer....

With a neglected paddock too, Miss Ottie is in her element, mousing and bunnying and leaping through the tussocks as if she had springs in her feet!

Lots to do inside, but isn't that like most properties?
You always want to change things in a new place and have it just how you want.

Starting in my favourite room the years of greasy muck off the floor to reveal the lovely flagstones...

It has actually made the kitchen feel much bigger too.

Bringing our own furniture in bit by bit...even though we haven't repainted the panelling yet.

 So impatient. 

And yes... After years of wanting.... I finally have.... an AGA.!

For those who have followed my blog and know my wish list, it is cream not powder blue... 

To go with the black Labrador, not the chocolate one...

How life and dreams pan out...I couldn't be happier xxx

Julie x