Thursday, 31 July 2014

Autentico or Annie?

Take a pair of sturdy, old chairs with 'lovely' pink dralon seat pads.... The sabre legs and scroll arms however, give them a nice Frenchy/Swedish feel.

So, purchase a tin of Autentico....Swedish blue and paint.

Not having used this paint before I thought I would give it a try spurred on by others who have.

The choice of colours is extensive and I must say, very nice to use.
2 coats give a perfect coverage.

Then, polished with clear wax and sanded...
And a nice grey/blue linen check fabric for the drop in seat.

 They have now been transformed into something anyone would be quite happy to park their bottom on.

For smooth, tidy furniture it is great, but I do prefer the texture of Annie Sloan for old, knackered furniture... it is a lot chalkier and sands differently, especially with a stained dark wax. 
It will be interesting however, to see how it wears.

A little aside from chalk paint....

The Bastle is now on a big tidy up..
I started on the boot room today, adding silly pieces like this old carrier bag on the back door hook.

An enquiry for renting at the beginning of September has now got me on overdrive. I will have to clean,  furnish and get everything finished inside.....whilst outside,
The courtyard wall is nearly finished, with the lovely old stable door now in situ and the wall climbing higher.

Hope you are all enjoying this lovely weather.....however, it looks like we are in for a change at the weekend.

Umbrellas and raincoats at the ready...

Boo hoo.
Julie x

Sunday, 6 July 2014

Summer in the village....


Gorgeous wedding flowers in our church this weekend.
Summer flowers...alchemilla, sweetpeas, roses, scabious around the church door.

The font...

And the pews...beautiful xx

The Bastle is just next door to the Church and I can safely say, after 3 on the final straight for completion...hurrah!

The outside is finished...simple, no clutter.

There is a place to sit at the front of the house when the sun comes round in the afternoon.
The laurel hedge will thicken, heighten and create a private sitting area. 
Another year perhaps?

There is also seating on the deck at the rear of the Bastle for morning and lunchtime sun,

Inside the living room is coming together.. Big squashy, " take your shoes off, curl up and relax" chair and sofa..

18th century Country furniture, a wood burning stove for chilly evenings and quirky additions on the wall...

The dining table in front of the original bastle doorway, framed by a 19th century fireplace..

The staircase glass panels in the kitchen area are now in...

The iron chandelier is quite dramatic if I may say so...

The new, suspended lighting over the kitchen work area went in today and is casting pretty shadows this evening...

I am delighted we are on the final straight and so is Miss Ottie....

Nice rug Mum x

She is looking rather smart as she has a new, personalised leather collar..a bit of bling for my shiny girl x

So, a few more weeks and hopefully it will be marketed for holiday lets in gorgeous Northumberland... A kick off the backside from Hadrian's Wall too x

Julie x

Saturday, 7 June 2014

New Bastle kitchen....

You may remember the Bastle kitchen as it was over 3 years ago.... A little pod in the 18th century side extension to the original 16th century Bastle building.

Well after a " little" destruction.... Kitchen units, ceiling and cupboard removed, concrete render taken off in 3 to 6 inch slabs from the walls and re pointed with lime mortar, ceiling insulated, floor dug out, insulation and underfloor heating installed and screed in place.

New oak door frame and reclaimed door to the boot room, new doors, windows and shutters

Large slate floor laid.... Blooming heavy slabs...

Still no staircase yet, just a scary ladder to get to the second floor.

Then the installation of a "work of art treads and risers" staircase to get to the next floor in such a tight space,

Painting started and wall lime plastered.

Monster oak worktop installed on units,

Looking into the boot room...

Kitchen doors and appliances in...

Pewter knobs and cup handles on the Farrow and Ball painted doors

The floor stained and sealed...

Almost Finished!

Just need the glass panels for the staircase and the graphite kick boards on.... Table and chairs in place and we are done. 

We've come an awful long way.....

Julie x

Thursday, 29 May 2014

Changing beds....

I bought this king size, ex Barker and Stonehouse, mahogany bed frame from a local secondhand warehouse the other day.

It has had a bit of a hard life I think, judging by the scratches and broken bed stretchers.

( Just don't think about it's previous "occupants" not go there.)

Thoroughly cleaned with a toothbrush and de-greaser...Then on with the Annie Sloan Old White Chalk paint to lighten the heavy, masculine look.

Two coats on the headboard...the broken stretchers glued, clamped and screwed for stability.

Clear wax polish and a fine sand for a distressed finish, then into the bedroom for its final position.

The Victorian, Scotch pine chest of drawers with a secret drawer at the top has been painted in Farrow and Ball Blue Gray, as has the Hungarian "knockdown " wardrobe. 
"Knockdown" because the top, bottom, sides, back and doors all come to pieces... Perfect for getting up narrow cottage staircases! So clever....

Just awaiting a nice, comfy mattress now...then on with the French linen sheets, snuggly feather and down duvet and the bargain goose down pillows from TK Maxx...bliss....

Julie x