Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Lace panel dress...

This unusual French dress, hand made from lace curtain panels, tablecloth edging, and lace border dyed blue/grey ( no, not by me...) has found its way recently to the cloth shed emporium.

Three layers to the skirt, with a side free edge for extra movement.

Wide 3/4 length sleeves and cotton lace panel detail to the cuffs.

The reverse has a loose tie belt


The label has a 60's /70's look to it...with the name..

Eugenie Phung
Nuances et creations sur tissus anciens

( Shades and designs on old fabrics )

A romantic, floaty, vintage dress for the right person...

£38 plus p and p

Julie x

PS I know Jane from My Gorgeous Angel Pie would approve and appreciate the detail!

Saturday, 19 April 2014

Toast and water....

Latest acquisition for the bastle kitchen...another large,white jug...only this one is more cream darkening to beige because of heat and use over time.

Pretty ordinairy you think....

Simple, plain shape, but when turned it has a cartouche in black under the strainer spout.

I was told that Toast and Water was made as an invalid drink during the 19th century... And yes, it was literally a piece of toast added to a jug of boiling water, allowed to cool, then poured through the strainer spout to catch the bits.
Goodness knows what it's nutritional value was to invalids, but obviously popular enough for the potteries to make jugs advertising the contents.

Missing its lid with a few chips too but what an interesting piece of history.

I wonder if this is where Emma Bridgewater got her inspiration for her Black Toast range which incidentally has a large water jug?

Julie x