Thursday, 29 March 2012

Pre-Easter treat.....

A pre-Easter treat for me....a gorgeous hare cushion, bought from a local decorative antique shop in Brampton, Cumbria. Owned by the lovely Carol.... Moat Antiques ( the painted building ) used to be a garage slap bang on what used to be the main route from Carlisle to Newcastle before the town was by- passed many years ago.

Full of painted and traditional furniture mixed with useful decorative pieces....

Whitewashed walls and the most fabulous flagstone floor provide a great setting for her tasteful arrangement of interesting stock.

Meanwhile, I have been a little busy preparing for four Fairs coming up over the Easter period.

So....taking advantage of this lovely sunshine, I have painted, sanded and polished... and have now amassed a good collection of stock for the next week or so.

A compact kitchen table and chairs collection painted in Charleston Gray over Off White (F and B of course)

Ideal for a small kitchen....

A versatile, pine side table with drawer painted in Downpipe....would be good as a side table, dressing table or even a desk.
The stool is painted in the last little bit of Annie Sloan French Linen...looks like I am going to have to order some more.

An octagonal mirror painted and distressed in F and B French Gray...

Two framed pieces of the last of my French toile.....

A decorative frame, a lamp to re-wire and three Laura Ashley paisley style cushions with tassels....

Another Georgian country chair....

And my favourite find of the week...

A wonderfully heavy, Victorian frame with a sepia photograph of a distinguished bearded gentleman.
Love him!

Hope you are all taking advantage of this lovely weather..... enjoy your Easter break x

Bye for now,
Julie x

Monday, 19 March 2012

White buys...

 Sometimes when I am buying stock, I often end up colour co-ordinated.

Some days there is a blue theme or a even a red theme running through my purchases....but yesterday was a bit of a "white out".

A large white jug, a square cake stand and two small with gold lettering...Primitive Methodist Bazaar Skelmanthorpe 1897.
More than likely produced for a fund raising Bazaar in 1897 to help with maintenance of  this West Yorkshire church.
A nice piece of social history.

This sweet little pearlware jug with its naive pink lustre decoration of a house and from the early 19th century, so charming.

A large ceramic tray with a lip at one end is actually a print room developing tray when photographs came to life with the mysterious art of chemicals in a darkened room.
Thank goodness we have progressed to digital cameras.

I think for its new 21st century lease of life, it would be great in a kitchen or bathroom for bottles and potions.

4 white delicate Royal Crown Derby trios and a bread/cake plate.
So nice for afternoon tea...

And my piece de resistance which unfortunately does not photograph very well.

A large white linen tablecloth / bed cover with crochet panels of a deer and three baby lying down with just its head on show.

Beautiful quality linen with four triangle panels of white crochet work around the side....

And a central square panel depicting a running deer....

( Probably best viewed by clicking on the photo which takes you to blogger's black background )

Enjoy your week....
 Julie x

PS Can I say a big hello to my new followers and thank you to those who take the time to leave lovely comments....very much appreciated!

Monday, 12 March 2012

Box of treats for Tuesday....

A cream vellum suitcase with green interior and makers label.... Forsyth of Glasgow and Edinburgh.

A pair of Nina Campbell upholstery weight lined curtains, 2 well loved umberellas....his and hers, a Victorian Britannia metal teapot, an unused Irish linen pillowcase with drawn thread detail and an oak framed embroidery...with a sweet "Thank You" verse.

A pair of discontinued Brixton farmyard candlesticks, an Emma Bridgewater polka dot jug and a washing line of American style mini clothes.

Two vintage, black parasols...... the larger one with a bright red lining, the smaller one folds in half, both with natty handles and two, child size, coney fur white muffs with original label.

Finally on the full size washing line in the garden....candy stripe flannelette nightshirts...washed,

Ironed and ready to go for the Fair tomorrow

Now, all I have to do is.....  get the lid shut!

Back soon,
Julie x

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

In order....

In order of age....
My favourite...a Georgian Country Chippendale chair in great condition, with an intricately carved fruitwood splat, straight legs and wooden seat.
They are great as a statement piece in a room but also make practical bedside tables for piles of books etc.

Two mid Victorian, delicate "ladies"..... that unfortunately have had a bit of a rough life.

Pretty "faces"...

Exploding "bottoms"....

yet, still possessing the most shapely " legs"....

A lot of TLC is going to be needed to bring them back to their former glory, but they will look gorgeous once finished.

A late Victorian mahogany chair...sturdy and robust with a pretty rose pink velvet seat.

I think this floral cushion cover works well with the chair....

With its soft, muted pretty.

So, for those of you who are not keen on painted furniture, rest assured there will be no painting of chairs here today...these beauties will be staying au naturalle....just how they were made.

Annie and F&B are in the paint cupboard with their lids firmly shut!

From a sunny and breezy Northumberland
Bye for now,
Julie x

Friday, 2 March 2012

Magic wallet......

Probably showing my age now..... but buying this "magic wallet" the other day brought back memories of when I was a little girl and watching the milkman collecting the money from my mother at the doorstep and putting his notes inside.

This one belonged to,
 William Nixon
Practical Engineer,
Brampton, Cumberland.

Love the title of Practical doubt he was a man who could turn his hand to anything.

Called a Treasury Note Case, but to me it was magical...

A banknote was laid inside....

The wallet was then closed.... and re-opened  from the other side, securing the note in place.

I was totally fascinated with this simple yet ingenious device and still you remember them?

Have a good weekend,
Julie x