Monday, 12 March 2012

Box of treats for Tuesday....

A cream vellum suitcase with green interior and makers label.... Forsyth of Glasgow and Edinburgh.

A pair of Nina Campbell upholstery weight lined curtains, 2 well loved umberellas....his and hers, a Victorian Britannia metal teapot, an unused Irish linen pillowcase with drawn thread detail and an oak framed embroidery...with a sweet "Thank You" verse.

A pair of discontinued Brixton farmyard candlesticks, an Emma Bridgewater polka dot jug and a washing line of American style mini clothes.

Two vintage, black parasols...... the larger one with a bright red lining, the smaller one folds in half, both with natty handles and two, child size, coney fur white muffs with original label.

Finally on the full size washing line in the garden....candy stripe flannelette nightshirts...washed,

Ironed and ready to go for the Fair tomorrow

Now, all I have to do is.....  get the lid shut!

Back soon,
Julie x


  1. Lots of lovely and interesting things you have Julie. Hope you have a good day tomorrow.

  2. Lovely things Julie, love the flannelette nightshirts, reminds me of the George Formby song 'My Grandad's flannelette nightshirt'. Have a great day tomorrow.
    Jo xx

  3. The Thank You is the grace we used to sing at Nursery School in the 1950's - before we ate our compulsory rusk and everything put on our plates!

  4. Beautiful finds ... hope you do well tomorrow! M x

  5. I have the same teapot on my dresser; Mark's Grandad won it for Homing Pigeon Racing (so the inscription says) in 1897!
    Have a good fair

  6. Not a girl who travels light then?
    I am just the same when I pack my suitcase!!
    Love Helen

  7. Some suitcase, full of lovely goodies, I adore the washing line with the clothes on - so sweet.
    have fun at the Fair tomorrow.

  8. Some lovely pieces Julie,
    Have a good time at the fair!
    Essie x

  9. I'm a day behind catching up.
    What delightful things, especially the little washing line :o)
    Wishing you well for a great sale.
    Rose H

  10. Nice to see you again Julie, I am delighted with the cake stand (Gill bought it for me) and
    my little tealight holder. Your stand looked
    gorgeous as always. Jayne x

  11. I do wish vintage suitcases could talk, I always wonder about the journeys and the owners! Hope the sale went well well. xx

  12. two wells? I need my morning coffee! ;)

  13. What an eye you've got Julie,
    All lovely things. I adore those mini clothes and the muffs are gorgeous, could have done with them a few months ago.
    I wish this fair was a bit closer, I'd buy you out!!!
    Hope you've had a sell out.

    Joasia x

  14. A suitcase full of gorgeousness! The doll dresses are super cute. Enjoy the weeks end, Tam x