Monday, 19 March 2012

White buys...

 Sometimes when I am buying stock, I often end up colour co-ordinated.

Some days there is a blue theme or a even a red theme running through my purchases....but yesterday was a bit of a "white out".

A large white jug, a square cake stand and two small with gold lettering...Primitive Methodist Bazaar Skelmanthorpe 1897.
More than likely produced for a fund raising Bazaar in 1897 to help with maintenance of  this West Yorkshire church.
A nice piece of social history.

This sweet little pearlware jug with its naive pink lustre decoration of a house and from the early 19th century, so charming.

A large ceramic tray with a lip at one end is actually a print room developing tray when photographs came to life with the mysterious art of chemicals in a darkened room.
Thank goodness we have progressed to digital cameras.

I think for its new 21st century lease of life, it would be great in a kitchen or bathroom for bottles and potions.

4 white delicate Royal Crown Derby trios and a bread/cake plate.
So nice for afternoon tea...

And my piece de resistance which unfortunately does not photograph very well.

A large white linen tablecloth / bed cover with crochet panels of a deer and three baby lying down with just its head on show.

Beautiful quality linen with four triangle panels of white crochet work around the side....

And a central square panel depicting a running deer....

( Probably best viewed by clicking on the photo which takes you to blogger's black background )

Enjoy your week....
 Julie x

PS Can I say a big hello to my new followers and thank you to those who take the time to leave lovely comments....very much appreciated!


  1. Hope you had a lovely Mum's day. I love the table cloth Julie, it is stunning and you can see more of the detail when you click on the pictures. You are right about colour co-ordinating when buying stock, I had a gold day yesterday! Have a great week.
    Jo xx

  2. Wow! great finds Julie, the cloth is to die for :o)
    Rose H

  3. Great finds, and perfectly co-ordinated. I love the china tray with the lip and your linen cloth, you have great taste and style.
    Have a lovely week and hope the sun shines for us.

  4. Hello Julie, What a lovely collection. I do know what you mean about colour co-ordination. I decided that my weekend Fair's table would be mainly greens and yellows- it was such fun choosing the pieces to take! Jane x

  5. I am a big white fan and love your buys Julie..I must say I also suffer from jugcholism so my fav is of course the white jug..just perfect..Hugs X

  6. What a fabulous tablecloth - love it!

  7. Awe you are just gorgeous Julie, I love the big jug the best, but then you know my weakness for bug jugs . . . . .

  8. A lovely collection of whites, I have lots of odd bits which because they are all the same colour just go together perfectly! That cloth is a beauty, very unusual subject matter. Jayne x p.s. do you ever come across any mannequins or can suggest where to look thanks jx

  9. You really can't beat white, can you? I like the ceramic tray. My husband used to use our downstairs loo as a dark room many years ago - all that faffing around with chemicals seems so archaic now.
    Ruth x

  10. Hi Julie, another lovely collection. I love the ceramic tray and the tablecloth too. You're right about how how pieces often come together when you're out sourcing. This last week has involved lots of 'old wood' finds for me and lots of sanding down - my poor hands are sore!
    Essie x

  11. Sometimes we over look the simplicity of white but its when you group collections together you realise how timeless,fresh and versatile it can be. I think you've got some real treasures there Julie, especially the table cloth. What fabulous detail. I'd be tempted to use it on top of a contrasting fabric to expose that feature.
    Well done and thanks for sharing- it made me smile.
    Joasia x

  12. Lovely finds Julie - I wonder if you found them at last Sunday's event? I can't have been concentrating...

  13. Love white, it is so fresh and clean. Great treasures lovely images. Thanks for sharing Cheers SpecialK XoXo

  14. Hi Julie, I love all your white buys. I love the pink lustre jug. I hope all went well at the fair. I have been catching up with your posts. The nightshirts are great, and yes I do remember those magic wallets!

    Many thanks for your comments on stencilling. I love the Stags head too. Apologies for my late reply. Have a wonderful weekend, love Linda x