Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Time for tea...

How can you live just a few miles away from somewhere and never check it out?

I am ashamed to say I am guilty of such a crime.

So imagine my delight to find The Kitchen Garden at Meldon Park, Northumberland on a rare jaunt out with Mr Cloth Shed on a gorgeously sunny morning.

 Situated in a large, south facing wall garden with herbaceous borders, fruit trees, herbs and vegetables.

Belonging to this fine Northumberland Country House...built in the 1830's and home of the Cookson family.

A leisurely stroll through the formal walled garden to the "wild" garden ...

Meandering paths with azaleas and rhododendrons of every colour....

And the resident dragon asleep under the tree.

Shaded walks.....

Taking you back to where you started.....

And time for a well earned cup of tea and delicious bacon sandwich.

The "little bit of theatre" for the tea ceremony...involving an egg timer to tell you when to remove the infusing tea leaves of your choice...what a natty idea!

Open Wednesday to Sunday 10am to 4.30pm....well worth a visit if you live nearby or are on holiday...just off the A1 west of Morpeth.
I know I will be back...

From a beautiful, sunny Northumberland,
Bye for now,
Julie x

Friday, 25 May 2012


What a beautiful morning it was yesterday....the sun catching the tulips by the front door as I went to the garage to sort out my new stock for the weekend.

An original scumble glaze American rocker...childs size, and a little cracket..... also childs size,  so happy in the sunshine.

I was initially going to upholster the seat, but when I turned  it over there were no signs of nail holes to suggest a previous cover, so I think it is going to have a new use... as a plant stand for the Fair at Rheged on Sunday.

Maybe I need  a smaller bucket though....

Three old quilts, two with tiny faded prints for cutting ,

the big one was originally white and red but is now.... blue and dark red.

Someone has dyed it and surprise, surprise.... it wasn't me.

It is still an attractive, hand quilted piece however, with decorative spiked edging and would be ideal for covering a chair or sofa.

To compliment the dimity prints of the cutter quilts, this gorgeous early Victorian jug with all over decoration in soft blue and white transfer....so delightful.

Unlike Mr Fox.....

Those of a nervous disposition look away now.

A 1929  fox head, portrayed as the vicious killer...laid back ears, snarling lips revealing the most detailed teeth and tongue.

Those were the days when fox hunting was in full swing, the fox was the enemy and the taxidermist was in full employment.

Two well worn Victorian children's mugs...black transfer prints...one Winter the other Summer.

 And a 1930's dressing table with curved glass top complete the "Pretties".

Drop handles, curvy legs,

And an adjustable mirror with ratchet mechanism,

Sooo girly...

Hope you all have a lovely week in this glorious sunshine....it is just too nice to be inside.
Back soon,
Julie x

Saturday, 12 May 2012

Red House....Busy Shed...

Its not often I can walk into a shop and think WOW...but last week at Red House in the historic market town of Bedale, North Yorkshire...I did just that.
As "hunters of all things vintage"....Kevin and Janet Stevens search out the quirky and unusual to create a true Aladdin's cave.
Upcycled furniture catching the attention of the passerby in the window...

And inside....the industrial...an old workbench, lighting and maps of Great Britain.

Things are not staged...but cleverly put together with just enough "clutter" to make your eye wander through cabinets
and search under tables.

The deceptive shop front opens up to a long back room and stairs leading to the next floor,

Where, to my great delight.... I found another French linen nightshirt with red initials to add to my wardrobe.

Natural oatmeal coloured, slubby linen with a stand up cotton collar....perfect fit!

Red House is a refreshingly good vintage shop, with interesting stock and very nice owners....well worth a trip if you are in the North Yorkshire area.

Meanwhile it is all go at the Cloth Shed for the next two Fairs...a hand worked "hooky" mat with cute sheep and lamb design....

A couple of pieces of painted furniture, rusty metal rocking horse and two very tall lamp bases will be going in the Land Rover this afternoon,

And yes...that dog gets everywhere.

I don't mind him sitting on my shelves....out of the way,

But I do draw the line at sofas....

Get off........!!

Hope you all have a good weekend and pretty please....no more rain....I think we have had enough now.

Julie x

Wednesday, 2 May 2012


Hello little one....have you been abandoned?

Uuh...are you talking to me?

Yes I am.
Would you like to come and live with me at Chez Cloth Shed?
No other dogs I'm afraid and certainly no cats as they make me sneeze. You can have your own bed and I will give you a little wash and brush up when we get home as your whiskers seem to have a mind of their own.

Excuse me lady.....there is nothing wrong with my whiskers...they are over fifty years old and I will also have you know.... I am a clean little dog.

Sorry lady, didn't mean to snap....just a bit upset....seems to me that no one wants me anymore.
I've had years of cuddles, but now they have all gone.

I quite understand little one, these things happen all the time....you are not the first and certainly not the last to have been cast aside.  
I have seen many like you sitting forlornly amongst old stuff, waiting to be rescued.              

OK lady...enough of the talking....lets go check out this cloth shed place...

I'll just sit on top of your old crate to see where we are going and keep an eye on your driving.


  I'm told you can be a little too enthusiastic behind the wheel....