Saturday, 12 May 2012

Red House....Busy Shed...

Its not often I can walk into a shop and think WOW...but last week at Red House in the historic market town of Bedale, North Yorkshire...I did just that.
As "hunters of all things vintage"....Kevin and Janet Stevens search out the quirky and unusual to create a true Aladdin's cave.
Upcycled furniture catching the attention of the passerby in the window...

And inside....the old workbench, lighting and maps of Great Britain.

Things are not staged...but cleverly put together with just enough "clutter" to make your eye wander through cabinets
and search under tables.

The deceptive shop front opens up to a long back room and stairs leading to the next floor,

Where, to my great delight.... I found another French linen nightshirt with red initials to add to my wardrobe.

Natural oatmeal coloured, slubby linen with a stand up cotton collar....perfect fit!

Red House is a refreshingly good vintage shop, with interesting stock and very nice owners....well worth a trip if you are in the North Yorkshire area.

Meanwhile it is all go at the Cloth Shed for the next two Fairs...a hand worked "hooky" mat with cute sheep and lamb design....

A couple of pieces of painted furniture, rusty metal rocking horse and two very tall lamp bases will be going in the Land Rover this afternoon,

And yes...that dog gets everywhere.

I don't mind him sitting on my shelves....out of the way,

But I do draw the line at sofas....

Get off........!!

Hope you all have a good weekend and pretty more rain....I think we have had enough now.

Julie x


  1. big yellow thing in sky here...not sure what it is?!
    Love the Red House, so nice to have an "un-twee" shop to visit- and buy.
    Good luck with the fairs

  2. wonderful objects, sturdy and made to stand the test of time!
    but the dog is definately the heart tugger....

  3. We also pop into Red House when we are up Bedale way, very inspiring it is too. We wonder, "Are we the right age for down-sizing and should we be up-cycling?" Then we find ourselves tied in knots!
    Nilly x

  4. What a lovely shop & treasures.
    You have to be strict with dogs - he'll be sleeping on the bed next!

  5. What a lovely post, I must have missed the shop when we passed through Bedale. Thank you for lovely comments. Gill and I will be there Tuesday, look forward to seeing you. X

  6. So sad I don't live closer!!! I love your hooky mat, I would buy that in a min....make that under a min. LOL!!
    Chris :o)

  7. Oh I do wish that lovely shop was there when we lived in Catterick Garrison ..... it's not fair! Still we did have RE whilst in Northumberland, so that makes up for things. We were due to go to Catterick at Easter but cancelled due to moving house but we plan to reschedule and I will definitely take a trip to Bedale. Thank you for that lovely pointer.

  8. That looks like a great shop Julie, I wish it were closer to me! I also love your rocking horse, please could you let me know if you don't sell it? Although I'm sure you will!
    I agree that we have had enough rain, it's sunny here today with a breeze so just right for hanging out my washing!
    Have a good week,
    Essie x

  9. Wow what an amazing shop I could spend hours in there, and your right we just don't need anymore rain, it is definitely the wetest drought you could have!!

  10. Fantastic shop and LOVE your French linen nightshirt - what a find!
    The painted furniture is gorgeous - especially the lamp bases. That little dog is going to find his way into mummy's bed at some point - just wait and see!
    Paula x

  11. I just love that hooky mat.....and the little dog. Missing mine still but will be looking for a new companion after the summer....if I can wait that long!