Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Time for tea...

How can you live just a few miles away from somewhere and never check it out?

I am ashamed to say I am guilty of such a crime.

So imagine my delight to find The Kitchen Garden at Meldon Park, Northumberland on a rare jaunt out with Mr Cloth Shed on a gorgeously sunny morning.

 Situated in a large, south facing wall garden with herbaceous borders, fruit trees, herbs and vegetables.

Belonging to this fine Northumberland Country House...built in the 1830's and home of the Cookson family.

A leisurely stroll through the formal walled garden to the "wild" garden ...

Meandering paths with azaleas and rhododendrons of every colour....

And the resident dragon asleep under the tree.

Shaded walks.....

Taking you back to where you started.....

And time for a well earned cup of tea and delicious bacon sandwich.

The "little bit of theatre" for the tea ceremony...involving an egg timer to tell you when to remove the infusing tea leaves of your choice...what a natty idea!

Open Wednesday to Sunday 10am to 4.30pm....well worth a visit if you live nearby or are on holiday...just off the A1 west of Morpeth.
I know I will be back...

From a beautiful, sunny Northumberland,
Bye for now,
Julie x


  1. haha! I could do with the egg timer to time the teabag!!
    ps- I was slightly shocked to see the crockery in the photo was not fine bone china...but then I suppose pot/c&s's/egg timer is the normal set-up for gardeners brew where you live??!!
    all love!

  2. Lovely! We are planning a trip to the unknown territory (for us) that is North of Newcastle & now have another super place to visit. I'm looking forward to the plants for sale, too.
    nilly x

  3. what a beautiful place!!! must go sometime x

  4. Looks a great place to spend a day ... bit far for me though! Love all your pretties in your previous post too! M x

  5. Definitely my kind of place and the kids would LOVE the sleeping dragon.
    You're so lucky to have this 'on your doorstep'. Enjoy!
    Joasia x

  6. Look at those sun dappled shady walks!
    And I just noticed your Nicholas Moss collection at the sidebar. SIGH!

  7. Lovely Julie, it's such a great time of year to be out in the fresh air enjoying these lovely places.
    Essie x

  8. Thanks for sharing this wonderful garden trip Julie...

  9. I'd visit just to see the sleeping dragon :o) Nat-tea idea with the timer...thank you for sharing.

  10. What a lovely place to visit so close to home. My idea of heaven all in one place, and the sunshine as well, always an added bonus. Have a lovely bank holiday weekend. jayne x

  11. Gasp . . . . . you are living the dream I think Julie!!!
    Love Helen xx

  12. A "constitutional" around the garden before bacon sandwiches and tea sounds like a very civilised way to spend the morning.


  13. Looks like a lovely place. Don't beat yourself up, we all do it! Love Linda x

  14. Looking forward to visiting this intriguing place with you tomorrow Julie! And I am sure Elin will like the dragon - and the bacon sandwiches...