Friday, 25 May 2012


What a beautiful morning it was yesterday....the sun catching the tulips by the front door as I went to the garage to sort out my new stock for the weekend.

An original scumble glaze American rocker...childs size, and a little cracket..... also childs size,  so happy in the sunshine.

I was initially going to upholster the seat, but when I turned  it over there were no signs of nail holes to suggest a previous cover, so I think it is going to have a new use... as a plant stand for the Fair at Rheged on Sunday.

Maybe I need  a smaller bucket though....

Three old quilts, two with tiny faded prints for cutting ,

the big one was originally white and red but is now.... blue and dark red.

Someone has dyed it and surprise, surprise.... it wasn't me.

It is still an attractive, hand quilted piece however, with decorative spiked edging and would be ideal for covering a chair or sofa.

To compliment the dimity prints of the cutter quilts, this gorgeous early Victorian jug with all over decoration in soft blue and white delightful.

Unlike Mr Fox.....

Those of a nervous disposition look away now.

A 1929  fox head, portrayed as the vicious killer...laid back ears, snarling lips revealing the most detailed teeth and tongue.

Those were the days when fox hunting was in full swing, the fox was the enemy and the taxidermist was in full employment.

Two well worn Victorian children's transfer Winter the other Summer.

 And a 1930's dressing table with curved glass top complete the "Pretties".

Drop handles, curvy legs,

And an adjustable mirror with ratchet mechanism,

Sooo girly...

Hope you all have a lovely week in this glorious is just too nice to be inside.
Back soon,
Julie x


  1. Lovely photo's , thanks for sharing...
    Hugs from a warm and sunny Amsterdam

  2. Lovely finds Julie, hope you are enjoying the sunshine. I think the rocker may have had a sling seat bit like a deck chair but it looks stunning with the bucket of tulips. I love your description of the dressing table but in my case I have love handles instead of drop handles and wobbly legs instead of curvy ones! Have a great weekend and good luck for the fair.
    Jo xx

  3. That is the most amazing fox. I've never seen one snarling like that, with those teeth; its a beautiful taxidery job really.
    I hope he got in a bite or two before his untimely demise! Lovely crockery too, fab things~

  4. Hope you have a fantastic fair at the weekend. Lovely tempting goodies as always Julie. Lizzie

  5. You have such a great eye for lovelies Julie.
    The Victorian mugs are so charming and the dressing table...WOW !!!
    Can you tell the price of it. I was also wondering if, by some miracle, the lamp bases(form your last blog) didn't sell, I'd be interested in those too.
    Do let me know and have a great sell out tomorrow!
    Joasia x

  6. I hope you have done well this weekend. My favourite is the two mugs but, as usual, it's all lovely and great to see different things such as the fox (though I probably wouldn't have him adorn my walls!) Hope you have been able to enjoy the sunshine too.
    Ruth x

  7. Julie, that may be Mr Fox, but I immediately thought about the daily ritual of my first child as she insisted on listening to Peter and the Wolf - all of it. He may be a fox but it made me think...

    The dressing table is perfectly appointed, so lovely.


  8. Hi Julie, lots of lovely things as usual but that fox is seriously scary, it reminds me of little red riding hood! hope Penrith was a success and the weather was kind. We have had a lot of sea fret spoiling the sunshine, the downside of living two minutes from the coast. jayne x

  9. So love the children's mugs and the lovely dressing table. Hope you had a good day at the fair.
    Have a lovely week.

  10. Hi Julie, thanks for lovely comments x