Wednesday, 7 March 2012

In order....

In order of age....
My favourite...a Georgian Country Chippendale chair in great condition, with an intricately carved fruitwood splat, straight legs and wooden seat.
They are great as a statement piece in a room but also make practical bedside tables for piles of books etc.

Two mid Victorian, delicate "ladies"..... that unfortunately have had a bit of a rough life.

Pretty "faces"...

Exploding "bottoms"....

yet, still possessing the most shapely " legs"....

A lot of TLC is going to be needed to bring them back to their former glory, but they will look gorgeous once finished.

A late Victorian mahogany chair...sturdy and robust with a pretty rose pink velvet seat.

I think this floral cushion cover works well with the chair....

With its soft, muted pretty.

So, for those of you who are not keen on painted furniture, rest assured there will be no painting of chairs here today...these beauties will be staying au naturalle....just how they were made.

Annie and F&B are in the paint cupboard with their lids firmly shut!

From a sunny and breezy Northumberland
Bye for now,
Julie x


  1. Beautiful chairs Julie. The Victorian balloon backs with exploding bottoms(love it!!)would look stunning covered in Kate Forman faded roses, are you going to do them yourself? It's raining here and the Pugs are bored!
    Jo xx

  2. Hi Julie,
    What lovely chairs - painting some pieces is a crime for sure!
    Essie x

  3. Beautiful and so loved the description of the balloon chairs..X

  4. I have a 'thing' about chairs, and those sure are gorgeous Julie. The 'exploding bottom' made me laugh - I thought you were describing me! ;O)
    Rose H

  5. Whatever has come over you Julie?
    You are saying no to F&B?
    Have you got sun stroke???
    Hee hee!!

  6. Well Julie, normally I paint anything that stands still long enough but in this case I'm with you. Lovely pieces should stay lovely.
    Joasia x

  7. Lovely chairs, and sometimes you just don't need paint and especially in this case. I am sure you will find something to paint very soon just in case you are getting withdrawal symptons!!!!
    Have a lovely day hope the sun is shining for you.

  8. Yes, I agree, there are reasons to paint some pieces of furniture and reasons not to and it would be wrong to paint those pretty balloon back chairs, or indeed any of the above. I love your description of pretty faces and exploding bottoms......made me laugh :-D

  9. The next time I wonder about my body shape, ie: apple or pear I can say with conviction Victorian Balloon Back!! Exploding bottom has me to a tee!!

  10. What lovely chairs and, yes, you are right to not paint though I have to admit I painted a couple of balloon back chairs I use in the kitchen and they do look nice. I am convinced in a few years we will be stripping off all the paint we have been applying for the last decade. Maybe we'd better stock up on paint stripper now! Looking forward to seeing the exploding bottoms chairs makeovers.