Saturday, 19 April 2014

Toast and water....

Latest acquisition for the bastle kitchen...another large,white jug...only this one is more cream darkening to beige because of heat and use over time.

Pretty ordinairy you think....

Simple, plain shape, but when turned it has a cartouche in black under the strainer spout.

I was told that Toast and Water was made as an invalid drink during the 19th century... And yes, it was literally a piece of toast added to a jug of boiling water, allowed to cool, then poured through the strainer spout to catch the bits.
Goodness knows what it's nutritional value was to invalids, but obviously popular enough for the potteries to make jugs advertising the contents.

Missing its lid with a few chips too but what an interesting piece of history.

I wonder if this is where Emma Bridgewater got her inspiration for her Black Toast range which incidentally has a large water jug?

Julie x


  1. What a lovely name for a company.. 'Toast & Water' I love it, want it ha ha xx the jug is such a lovely shape.
    Happy Easter Julie xx
    Hugs Lynn xxx

  2. I've seen many an invalid cup in my work but never a jug. Just lovely.
    Hope you're enjoying the Easter weekend and Miss Ottie is behaving herself!
    Susan x

  3. I'm SO disappointed! We are actually catching up with you at Gateshead tomorrow & I fear that beautiful jug will not be there.

  4. What a beautiful jug Julie and the story behind it. Hope you have a wonderful Easter x

  5. Oh I like big jugs and I cannot lie!!
    Lovely Julie, how is the Bastle coming along? Show us some photos...........

  6. Good God, I've never heard of this before. Toast and Water, beggars belief!
    Thanks for the education :-)

  7. how interesting!

    (and I thought bread and water was a punishment! ;)

  8. How fascinating. I love this jug and was just thinking how contemporary it looked, when you mentioned Emma Bridgewater. Love it...enjoy! Love Linda x