Thursday, 22 November 2012

Glitzy and girly....

Lots of pressed glass was sold these last two weeks at the  Rival Arts Christmas Fairs in Durham and Hexham...

Fabric pictures, silver plate, cutlery and bowls of hyacinths all disappeared from the table.

Tealights in vintage tins and handbag mirrors made from old fabric and manuscripts proved extremely popular...

And the Annie Sloan French Linen painted dresser did a sterling job displaying white china all weekend

Before finally moving onto its new home on Sunday afternoon.

Two great Fairs.....lots of hard work, but thoroughly enjoyable...meeting fellow exhibitors and customers.

Naturally I had to buy something when I was there...

A heavy, linen pinafore in charcoal grey...with the most amazing pockets,

Big enough to carry a bottle of wine in each pocket...fab!

Thank you Susan at Village Lanterne, love it...

Julie x


  1. Hi Julie,

    You stall looks super - I wish I was closer! The fabric mirrors look so pretty and using manucripts as well is such a clever idea. Sounds like you're due a well-earned rest!


  2. Lovely stall you had there and it looks like it was a super event! Suzy x

  3. best of all I adore your price tickets...ooooh and the pinafore dress....ooooh and the thought of a bottle of wine in each pocket...

  4. Hi Julie, everything looked gorgeous as ever, love the little tins with tea lights. Glad you had a good time it all looked great. Hope you have some bits and bobs left for Hexham! Oooh and that pinafore, I want one - Santa is due to come wonder if could make a late entry! jayne x

  5. Part of my Christmas present came from your stall at durham. A nice pressed glass cake stand / plate.

  6. Oooh, nice, Julie! Wish I'd been there too!

    I saw you mentioned in Country Homes and Interiors - so pleased for you. ;-) I felt famous by proxy!!


  7. Hmmmmmn a bottle in each pocket eh?
    Wish I'd got one of those now!! All gorgeous as usual darling !!!
    Love Helen

  8. Fantastic events! We were busy down in Harrogate. I love the dress too - but beware - I have a coat with those baggy pockets and they sometimes catch on door knobs & the like!

  9. Hello Julie, well done you, you make such a good job of displaying and labelling everything, I am not at all surprised you did so well. I do so wish I could get to one of your events, but you never know. I got the 'Country Homes' mag, with your friend Helen's home in. OMG, it is so gorgeous, I just love it all, including her donkeys!
    Thanks for your comments. Much love to you, Linda xx

  10. Your dresser looks great. I can imagine how much time that must have taken to paint! I bought a tin of French Linen yesterday and have painted a stool today but have to admit I think it is harder to use than F&B - what do you think? The first coat is fine but a second coat is difficult to apply and then it needs a lot more rubbing down before waxing than F&B does. Maybe I just need a little more practice!