Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Making a start on Christmas...

The Christmas tree is up and ready for decorating.... the wooden angel has been dragged unceremoniously through the loft hatch, dusted down and ready for duty....

Obligatory, festive Aldi loo rolls have been bought and are now in place.

This year it is reindeer and foxes ready to do bathroom duty.

The Gluhwein is stocked and quickly road tested...

And the first batch of sausage rolls are straight out of the oven.

 I know for a fact there will be none left in a few hours.."bite size" goes down far too easily at Chez Cloth Shed!

Finally the dreaded Christmas cards have been written and posted too.

Every year I am a real, grumpy old woman and say I am not going to send any, then they start flying through the letterbox and I feel so guilty. So off I go and stand in the post office queue that snakes round the shop, buy stamps that cost an eye watering amount and stuff the lot in the red letter box outside.

£15 gone just like that!

And that's just the start....

Julie x


  1. Think I might have to pay a visit to Aldi for the loo rolls too. I have now baked two Christmas cakes as my husband and I have eaten the first already and I know what you mean about bitesize nibbles disappearing as I keep having to bake more and more mince pies. Have a lovely Christmas. xx

  2. Julie, love that Christmas angel. We too are busy preparing for Christmas, with our Shaker-style tree next to the aubergine and tomato plants fruiting away on our Delhi balcony! Just found another good if surprising reason for you to visit us out here:

    Have a great Christmas, Jill x

  3. Your sausage rolls made my mouth water (and it isn't even 8am yet!).

  4. Happy grump puss!!
    I don't send cards either, the money I send to Mac Millan instead makes me feel better about not sending them...........
    Love Helen xx

  5. Hi Julie.. Love the loo roll LOL.. Your sausage rolls look yummy too.. Here's wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.. Hugs Angi X

  6. you put stamps on your Christmas cards?
    Oh Julie, you do let the side down sometimes (ho ho ho!)

  7. Oh, must have the Aldi loo rolls. I've done the family Xmas cards but I think husband will be sending his in the New Year!

  8. Ooops - I forgot about those. Aldi, here I come!

  9. Bah humbug I never do cards.....but if I had a home or even a caravan to live in I would have the loo rolls!!
    T x

  10. Next year I am going to make a donation to a charity instead of sending cards! The price of stamps is just ridiculous. I am wrapping the last of my gifts having just completed the last cuff. Have a great Christmas Julie, see you in the new year at Hexham. Hope Santa brings you something gorgeous. jayne x