Saturday, 19 January 2013


I seem to have a thing for old coffee / teapots at the the two early examples above.

 One blue spongeware, the other blue transfer print. Both damaged, without lids, but still charming in a simple, naive way.

Another coffee pot which I bought in Portobello Market, London just after Christmas, was this 19th century silver plate beauty...

Lovely tankard shape, simple engraving and the name Constance in a cartouche.

And at the end of the handle a heart.

How I would love to know the story of Constance's coffee pot...naturally my mind is racing at the thought of a romantic gesture from an ardent admirer, but it was probably a loving gift from a family member.

A dinky, dinky teapot which is actually a tape measure when the knob on the lid is pulled up.

An extremely delicate tape inside that won't take much more pulling,....but it was just one of those things I had to buy. You know how it is....A sucker for the unusual!

Finally, a brilliant Christmas present from my Mum...An Emma Bridgewater teapot with old back stamp on the base.

Two messages..."drink more tea"...which is not a problem for me,

And..."love the giver"....which I certainly do.

Hope you are all coping with this winter weather....we are having our fair share here in Northumberland,

And more seems to be on the way apparently.

Off to Durham for the Antique and Vintage Fair tomorrow....Hope the skies are a little clearer.....

Bye for now,
Julie x


  1. Constance's coffee pot is beautiful - a lovely find. I like the tiny teapot measure too - how cute! Hope your Fair is on / goes well. Abby x

  2. teapots are homey and comforting.....nice selection.

  3. What a potty post! I love them all, especially the tape measure. I wonder if the Bridgewater is an old General Trading Company one? I recently bought a mug with a similar pattern. Have a good day tomorrow!

  4. Hi Julie
    I love your tea and coffee pots :o) I doubt I could choose a favourite. The tape measure is just TOO SWEET!
    Have a wonderful time tomorrow, though stay safe and warm.
    Best wishes
    Rose H

  5. such wonderful things. The two pots almost look like saltglaze porcelain. Maybe Constance received it on her 21st birthday?


  6. doh! I read the first line as "I seem to have a thing for cold coffee..."

  7. That Bridgewater teapot is GORGEOUS . . . . . . I've gone green with envy!!
    H xx

  8. What a lovely collection of teapots you have Julie, sure that is not all of them!! It is funny how we come to collect things. The teapot from your mum is gorgeous. I have a lot of creamware, one person gave me a piece for my birthday and I have now about a dozen.Hope to see you at Hexham in feb. We have snow here too, been sooooo cold though. x

  9. Hello Julie,
    How I wish your fairs were closer!
    I love the silver plate coffee pot - a beauty indeed.
    Essie x

  10. Love the silver plate coffee pot. I wonder who Constance was. So much history to the things we come across....

  11. Beautiful photos, beautiful things.

  12. Such lovely pieces!! Especially the silverplated coffee pot - a classic!! I hope your stand in Durham was successful and that your weather is improving - won't be long until spring for you - here we have another month and a half at least but the days are getting longer.

  13. Love this blog! My mother's name was Constance and I collect teapots, so, if you ever wish to part with this treasure....
    I have the same Bridgewater teapot! I live in California and bought it here. I was a child of the 60's also, and lived outside of London for 4 years while my father worked there. My dream to is visit again.

  14. Adore your coffee pot, and the little tape measure. Beautiful.