Friday, 12 April 2013

My Lady....

For years I have wanted a large, naive style, oil painting of a lady....and a few weeks ago at a Fair I found one.
Rather battered.... without a frame and a couple of repaired tears in the canvas.

An early 19th century painting I would imagine from her costume and hairstyle.... Her simple dress and jewellery adding to her naive charm.

She is now firmly ensconced in the blocked up doorway on the old original plaster wall of the Bastle, keeping an eye on the workers.
Our 19th century project manager overseeing the current installation of the underfloor heating....

The builders think I am mad.
Julie x

More on Bastle progress next time x


  1. I just love naive paintings... isn't she a peach.

    I thought once to myself I can't draw or paint so I've have a go at being a modern day naive painter... it'll be a doddle!

    Naive of me, I discovered at speed.


  2. Oh she looks to be perfect for keeping an eye on the builders even if she doesn't know much about underfloor heating! When we had our kitchen redone our builders thought us mad for placing a French ox yoke over the kitchen units and cooker hob! Can't imagine why! Looking forward to reading an update.
    Ruth x

  3. She is lovely Julie, I love folk art style naive paintings.
    Jo xx

  4. That is fantastic and perfect for the property and fab find. We have been off the radar this year Julie, due to my work overload and my Mum getting older, hope to see you later in the year maybe. I am having vintage withdrawal symptoms!

  5. if builders didn't think you were mad, you'd know you were doing something wrong!

  6. Bet they get their work in double quick time she looks a formidable lady to me! Jayne x

  7. Grrr!
    I am SO jealous - you lucky girl! I must admit that I recently found a young couple, newly married circa 1830 I should think, which Mr N has framed for our newly decorated sitting room, but they don't have quite The Look that your prim lady has.

  8. I love her, such an honest picture, you can easily see the lady that lived can't you.
    Love it
    Lynn xxx

  9. She's beautiful... just look at the lace collar, the lovely ringlets in her hair and the rings, one of which appears to be a garnet.
    An absolute wonderful find...