Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Shopping distraction....

A visit to the historic market town of Hexham, Northumberland involves a pull up Hallstile Bank from the main car park to the Market Place. 
Tuesday is market day and the best place for good fruit, veg and fish.

Thankfully I can now stop halfway for a breather and visit a new shop.

Chatelaine run by an extrovert Scots lass called Helen. You never know what she is going to do next....Certainly not the shy, retiring type.

The shop is a mix of nice knitting wool with an earthy feel, American inspired fabric and a good smattering of vintage things all displayed beautifully in a lovely 18th century building. 

Think beams, old fireplace, whitewashed stone walls, sea grass flooring....a nice shop.

Shop aside,

Spot the "surprise"....leaping off the old push chair... 

Helen's new addition to her family.

Little Robyn spaniel....

Very wriggly and quick on her paws....hard to get a good "un blurry" photo of her, the little tinker.

9 weeks old and totally gorgeous.

Did I buy anything? 


A clever, needle felt hare with the biggest ears and maddest eyes...
Which now incidentally,  has pride of place on my Winter granny coat ready for the colder weather.

Of course if I could, I would have smuggled little Robyn out in my bag....

Who wouldn't?

Julie x


  1. What a cutie!
    I would love an hour in that shop :-)

  2. That shop looks wonderful, the puppy is adorable and I love your warm wooly coat, is it a vintage one?

  3. Hello Julie, what a lovely post. Love everything...the shop, the puppy, the hare, the coat, the town, you! Just gorgeous. Have a happy day, and thanks for your visit and lovely words. Love Linda x

  4. What a wonderful shop, especially with the added cute factor of the little pup. I love the mad hare brooch on your coat.
    M x

  5. Oh I would love to visit that shop....everything is really gorgeous! And the pup....so adorable .My next visit to England I'm definitely will go more North because there is still so much to explore.Thanks for sharing, Anita xo

  6. Hexham is a lovely place for a shopping distraction, so much to do and see! I loved Chatelaine, an eclectic mix, definitely worth a visit, a lovely mix of vintage and contemporary pieces. Gill bought some gorgeous American wool fabric in autumnal tones. We tried to sneak Robyn into our bags too, what a little poppet. I am looking forward to attending a workshop soon. Jayne x

  7. A lovely post. I didn't know you did things other than building! The squiggly, wriggly pup is adorable, although I love the madly, badly hare better, mainly because it will never widdle on the carpet. Who made it, someone local to Hexham?


  8. LOVE the hare on your coat, he looks gorgeous love him, could you not have slipped that warm delightful Robyn into a deep coat pocket, How gorgeous he is. What a fabulous post.
    Hugs Lynn xxx

  9. What a gorgeous shop Julie!
    I adore your hare :o)
    Rose H

  10. ". . .ready for the colder weather. . ." thought it was already here!
    Southern Softie that I am ;)

  11. Hexham - it's been SO long! The shop looks fab, I'm making plans - but you've distracted me with that lovely coat! Watch out - I might just sneak off with it this winter...

  12. What a lovely shop! Helen would have been running after me up that hill with the spaniel tucked under my arm!