Saturday, 23 November 2013

Bushel box...

Not one for hiding my light under the proverbial bushel...

This full size bushel barrel  (19 ins diameter ) and its heavy roller have found a new home here at Cloth Shed Towers and are proudly displayed on the "very distressed" side table in the hall.

Originally from the Glendronach Distillery, Aberdeenshire in Scotland, it would have been used to measure the dry ingredients for whiskey production.

In beautiful condition, with chunky iron handles...

And stamped inside 1923.

The roller would have run over the iron rim to level the barley, ensuring the correct measure.

It is currently used for holding the last few windfall apples before I turn them into crumbles, but I do think it would make a good kindling box for the wood burning stove.... Which incidentally is keeping the house nice and toasty today....

As an aside and a test of your knowledge of old fashioned measures.... how many pecks in a bushel?


Julie x


  1. I didn't know how many pecks. . .so does that make me a bushelhead?

  2. What a gorgeous patina ...and very useful for displaying lots of lovely things.I rather love all of our old measurements, I remember them being a nightmare to work out at school and Kilos are so much easier, but Kilos seem really clinical in comparison...
    Glad your good and chilly too I would hate to think we were suffering on our own here in the north west xxxxx
    Hugs Lynn xxx

  3. I may not remember how many pecks but I'm afraid I do remember the lyrics to the Doris Day song "I Love You a Bushel and a Peck.
    Oh dear, how depressing!

  4. Oh too gorgeous for sticks Julie!

  5. A lovely old piece Julie, perfect where it is! x

  6. How lovely...why would anyone want to part with a thing like that.X PS pop over and have a look at the skirt I've had made from your lovely fabric, (if you have a mo) x

  7. 'A bushel and a peck, and a hug around the neck.'What a wonderful piece of treen Julie I love it. Like the sound of those crumbles too!
    Thanks for the lovely comments. Have a great weekend, love Linda x

  8. Holy Cow, I could sell a million of those. You don't happen to know where I could get a million do you :-)

  9. Beautiful, I love the way the date is impressed into the wood.

  10. What a gorgeous barrell - love the old wood and imprinted text!