Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Catch the pigeon....

When I go to Grandma's house, she feeds the birds... Cutey little ones who eat seeds from feeders and from a huge fat ball which incidentally I don't like... In fact, I bark at it because it looks like a head swinging on a rope!

Anyhoo...she sometimes throws the crusts from white bread on the lawn and it's not long before those stupid pigeons descend...whoopee... playtime.

I sit patiently in her conservatory and watch....and wait.

Then, the cheeky so and so comes up a bit too close... 

So close in fact,  I am sure I could catch it if this window wasn't in the way.

Of course, by the time I have gone round to the back door the little blighters have taken off ...
 But one day, mark my words  I will get one!

You think I'm a cute little puppy Mr Pigeon,

But check out my new, big girl's teeth that are coming through...caught on camera last night as I snoozed on the sofa.

Love Miss Ottie x


  1. I can't believe how much he has grown and then that 'butter wouldn't melt face!

  2. Haven't you grown!
    Now try and be a very good girl and not chase the pigeons.

  3. She is absolutely gorgeous Julie, I want a cuddle
    Jo xx

  4. There is NO way sweet Ottie would catch a pigeon. Chase maybe, but hunt down and chomp with those dainty teeth - never!

  5. Aw bless her little white teeth, she's lovely, x

  6. Too cute for words ... I too, would waste a lot of precious time watching her ... !

  7. She is just so darling but I see a little imp in her eyes...
    I also noticed in the pics she's got the wavy hair down her back.
    And I'm sure Miss Ottie is the best company a person could have!
    Susan x

  8. OMG, she's gorgeous! Want one :-)

  9. I think there's only Winston who doesn't think she's cute!!

  10. Hi, will you be going to Hartlepool on Sunday with your lovely wares? Thought you might have some nice linen, X

  11. Would she like to come round ours and catch a few ... hundred! Pesky things! Love your blog btw. xCathy

  12. Miss Ottie looked like she enjoyed that! She is adorable will her new teeth, just waiting to be tested on those cheeky birds!
    Will you be going to the Decorative Living Fair at Eridge Park in Kent this spring? I think you went last year?
    Gill xx

  13. oh Ottie you are so cute xoxo
    all three of our black labs were older adoptees (3 1/2, 11. and 2 1/2 ) and I often think of how adorable they must have looked as pups ...just like Ottie ♥

  14. Aww it's like having a baby all over again. How gorgeous she is. Hope all is well with you Julie? Love Linda x