Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Belated birthday.....

Miss Ottie is now a much bigger girl than she was this time last year.

We have had lots of chewing....

Destroying of garden.....

Lots of play....

Lots of running....

Meeting new friends....

Chilling out with the humans as a grown up girl....
 A Pub lunch at The Lord Crewe Arms, Blanchland, Northumberland, beside a huge fireplace.

And of course lots of sleeping....

In her bed.....upside down...

Or on the sofa....also upside down.

Our lives are not the same...this dog has taken over!
A bright, eager to learn, pushes boundaries now and again, shiny, happy dog.
We love her.
Happy Birthday Miss Ottie xxx


  1. What a gorgeous girl ... I can see why you are smitten!

  2. Happy Birthday, baby girl. Looks like you enjoy life.
    Love, Bunny the Goldendoodle

  3. She is georgous! Happy Birthday x Jane x

  4. Oh, I stayed at The Lord Crew when my daughter was at Durham University...... that must have bee 25 plus years ago. i had forgotten about it.

  5. Happy Birthday to Ottie!
    So she's taken over has she... I bet you don't mind a bit. She makes every day a treat!
    Susan x

  6. Aw how sweet, happy birthday Miss Ottie, x

  7. We have Ottie's doppelganger upstairs snoozing as I write - his name is Toby, he belongs to our son's girlfriend and he's perfect. Apart from that insatiable appetite for anything tasty - or not tasty! I hear all Labradors are like this.

  8. Gorgeous, just like her owners!

  9. Julie I think you need to buy an extra sofa. My son came with his lab today and he ended up with him laid across him with his head under Adams neck!! Talk about taking over!!

  10. What a fantastic post! As a dog lover I have to say the dog is always and absolutely right o)! Mine is snoring under the table, right at the moment. And I mean snoring!
    Have fun and a wonderful time!
    All my best to all of you form Austria

  11. Surely this is a site well worth seeing.

  12. That's never the same dog. How time flies :-)

  13. Hi Julie we didn't make it today, I had to cancel with Barry early in the week as my car conked out and the other one is a Mini!!. Just as well we did as Alan started to be unwell on Tuesday and he is still really weak today and wouldn't have managed driving up and getting the stand ready. hope it went well

  14. Just a little visit to send my best wishes for a Happy Christmas to you and yours and of course Ottie!
    Susan x

  15. sending you love, mugs of hot tea and happy wishes xx