Sunday, 30 May 2010

New mini MOO cards....

Yesterday I took delivery of my new mini MOO cards.... thankfully just in time for the Fair tomorrow at Gateshead Stadium.
They are half the size of a business card and are good fun to make....
People love looking through the pictures, choosing one and hopefully keeping it in their purse!
I think it is the small size that appeals....


  1. HIP, HIP HORRRRRRRRRRAY!! Welcome to blog world!! Love Helen xx P.S.Have you still got that big white jug?

  2. HI, your cards are very stylish! I noticed you did a vintage fair and wonder if there is going to be another one soon ? if so could you give me the details as i would love to come to one, Welcome to blogland, and thanks for lovely comment on my blog, us northern girls need to stick together!!! vbestest wishes Linda.

  3. Love those little cards, so cute! Love Linda x