Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Flag Day

I bought this 1953 Queen's Coronation flag yesterday to hopefully make into a cushion. It has a few rust marks but I'm sure this just adds to the vintage look...To keep or to sell..... I will decide when it is done.....

One I am keeping is my Royal Standard flag....I backed it with old, French grey linen and it now sits beautifully with my Hungarian  linen, stripe cushions on my shabby old bench in the hall....love the washed out colours.

What to do with a Queen Victoria 1897 flag?

Too delicate to make into a cushion....frame it perhaps?

Or pop it temporarily over a mannequin and secure with a vintage military decoration.....

The detail both back and front of this star and tassel is wonderful and I love the description of WH Waghorn - GOLD LACEMAN.

All handmade with silk and metal thread.....beautiful...

Have a good week...
Julie x


  1. Hi Julie
    Gorgeous flags, I would want to keep them all!! The look great as cushions, I think you should frame the Queen Victoria flag it would make a stunning focal point in a room. Thank you for the tip on Moo cards, they look fab, we have struggled to make business cards. We have just spent the morning designing some and have just ordered some mini cards from Moo - yours looked fabulous, they look so professional.
    Jo xx

  2. Looks gorgeous . . . . . . . just like you!!
    Helen xx