Wednesday, 9 June 2010

French chic.....

I bought these lovely French candle sconces yesterday at the monthly, midweek Antique Fair in Hexham, Northumberland.....

Along with a gold painted spelter figure of Mary....

A couple of  French department store bag handles....the French ladies would hook the handles around the string of their parcel making it easier to carry....... very clever....

And a most beautifully painted glass bottle with enamel detail all the way around. Unfortunately the neck has been damaged, but I had to have it regardless......

A la prochaine.....

Julie x



  1. Hi Julie
    Love the wall sconces, you must keep them, they are stunning and so hard to find now. Looks like you had some great finds.
    Jo xx

  2. Hi Julie

    The wall sconces are beautiful. I also very much like the statue of the Virfin Mary. Lovely finds!

    Warm wishes
    Isabelle x

  3. Oh I love little treats . . . don't you? You deserve it . . . . What will you do with the handles? Do tell? Love Helen xx

  4. Lovely treasures you've found. I'm out early in the morning hopefully I'll find some too and hopefully it will stop raining before then.