Saturday, 12 June 2010

desk top buddies.....

This cute little vintage, sailor doll made from felt sits on top of his wool dog friend, right in front of me on my desk. Both have a wire frame so their limbs can move and the attention to detail is wonderful....The stitches on the sailor doll are tiny, from his little socks to his mouth, nose and eyes. His hair is made from individual stitched curls with a jaunty felt hat and the most "out of proportion" he a pixie perhaps?

The dog is made of wound wool with knitted ears, leather collar etc and for the sharp eyed amongst you, there is no doubt, it is a dog dog.......whoever made him must have had a chuckle making his under carriage....!
They both usually sit on the Christmas tree, but this year, I decided to keep them out and put them under the weeping willow star tree on my desk.

I bought the tree from my dear friend Helen at ...... the little metal stars jingle when you brush the can't help but touch it.

Have a good weekend.....
Julie x


  1. Hi Julie, the are both very cute. It must have taken someone quite a long time to make them, they always looks so simple but there's lots of work involved don't you think.
    Glad you like my treasures, yeh I think it's JD and everything is for sale.
    Nicky x

  2. Thank you for the link Julie . . . . You're GORGEOUS!! Love Helen xx