Wednesday, 9 February 2011

French boxes and pretty postcards.....

Lovely French biscuit boxes with keys came home with me yesterday from the Fair at Hexham.

Some vintage ribbon for future sewing projects.....

The dinkiest pen nib box.....

And a selection of vintage postcards that caught my eye....

This last one brought a smile to my face......

Everytime I look at him I start singing.

Not the World War 1 song....... but the Eliza Doolittle version from last year......

Enjoy the rest of your week and, smile, smile! 
Julie x


  1. The boxes are gorgeous.....and with key's, that doesn't happen very often..... I'm always loosing mine and they're massive! Really lovely things, and the postcard did make me smile :-)
    Sophie x

  2. Lovely things Julie, especially the biscuit boxes, I saw some macaroons in Waitrose last weekend and thought of you!!! Now I am going to be singing the Eliza Doolittle version, I love that song.
    Jo xx

  3. Lovely things, Julie! Why would biscuit boxes have keys? (well, with me around trying to diet I don't know why I'm asking!!) - did they sell them with biscuits in, but with a key for later use of the tin? - I guess so. That last card is so funny! Abby x

  4. The boxes have a dream that you are getting
    nice booty, congratulations.
    A hug

  5. Now I have the song stuck in my head! Lovely goodies - especially the ribbon. I enjoyed our lunch today, and look forward to reciprocating!

  6. Smile indeed!!
    Love Helen xx

  7. love all the tins and post cards ,you have good taste girl! we could do with some thing to smile about in the North with all this grey and wet yuck! will try to catch up at a fair some time, we may be could meet for coffee some time ,think it would be non stop chhat,let me know? bestest wishes,Linda.

  8. Julie thankyou for your lovely comments on my blog. I had to come and have a look at yours - lovely I shall be back! I especially like the list and phptos of things you like. Have a great day, Linda.