Monday, 14 February 2011

A little bit of handmade.......

New goodies for the Vintage and Retro Fair next Sunday at Gateshead Stadium.

A mix of vintage handmade....... crochet, embroidery, sewing and knitting.......

A pretty embroidered linen tea tablecloth with sprays of delicate flowers and an embroidered garden picture.

A crochet "granny square" cot blanket and knitted beret, unworn with the wool label WG "Trianon" mohair, tartan shade - Ancient clan red Frazer.

A funky chicken made from scraps of tweed, felt and what looks like a piece of candlewick bedspread  (do you remember those?)  for his feathery face....quite ingenious.....

Not handmade, but would indeed be helpful,  is The Patchwork and Applique book from 1931 full of fascinating ideas......

In the Patchwork quilt selection there is a lovely introduction to Great Grand Mamma with a sweet rhyme/song above.......

And the "aeroplane ride" is worked into the applique picture below, when all the world was talking about Amy Johnson's solo flight to incredibly brave and daring!

Finally the little battered suitcase which has seen a bit of life......

Jolly holidays for a little boy in the 50's perhaps, packed with his toy cars, books and teddy....

Now sadly empty and looking for a new home......

Hope you all have a full and happy week,
Be back soon......
Julie x


  1. A lovely post, Julie - some great things! Hope the Fair goes well. Love the little suitcase - it looks in good condition. Went to No 14 in Leominster again today - looks likely I'll have a space there in a few weeks - exciting!! Abby x

  2. I want that Chicken!!!!! Good luck with your fair, wish I could go. Take lot's of photo's x
    Sophie x

  3. I love the chicken! We saw a pink candlewick bedspread in the Oxfam shop last week - for some reason Malcolm didn't want it for our bed ......

  4. Lovely things, Julie. Especially like the chicken - there's a discarded candlewick bedspread in our cupboard, and I suspect in a lot of other people's!

  5. Love the embroidered picture, and Oh dear I remember having a candle wick bed spread on my bed years ago!! Hope the fair goes well.
    Jo xx

  6. Love the funky chicken & the beret too.


  7. Loving the funky chicken.......... such a fun item............

  8. So glad to have found you...wonderful reading!