Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Found them.....

A quick wander through a village churchyard in Northumberland yesterday on the hunt for something white.

Plenty of frost on the grass, walls and gates.....

The gravestones too.....

The stone roof on an exposed out house with little trees of frost....

Then, poking their heads through the path....still camouflaged in a frosty blanket.... I found them.....

My first snowdrops!

It must be the child in me, but I love the search for the first sight of these little plants, knowing that in a few more weeks the woods nearby will be carpeted in white as they were last year....

Have you found yours yet?
Julie x


  1. Mr N beat me to it this year by spotting some on a grass verge near Harrogate 10 days ago when he was out on his bike. Now they are popping up everywhere in North Yorkshire. Hope to see you at the New College Antiques Fair on Sunday!
    Nilly x

  2. Lovely pictures Julie, everything looks so pretty when it's frosty. I haven't spotted any snowdrops yet but I will keep looking.
    Jo xx

  3. Hello Julie:
    There is really nothing quite so heart lifting as the sight of the first snowdrops. They are such brave souls, poking through frozen ground and yet looking fragile enough to break. Lovely!

  4. Hi Julie
    No snowdrops yet but we have a buttercup and all of the roses are flowering. When May & June are here I expect the garden will be bare!!
    Looks like a lovely churchyard.
    T x

  5. I could only wish to find snowdrops already.With -7C and lots of snow around here it will be months till I have such delight.
    In the meantime I can admire yours...

  6. I found a small bunch in our local church at the weekend with the promise of lots more to come as they were poking through the ground. I've also got a small pot in the kitchen which I keep taking photos of....pathalogical photo taker!! Suzy x

  7. Hi Julie,
    I have not spotted any yet, but with my failing eyesight then it is no surprise.... if only my optician could find time to fit me in for an eye test! :)
    Lovely frosty pictures of the churchyard.
    Abby xx

  8. Super photos Julie. We have a few bunches in the garden - they were my dear Grandad's favourite flower so will always hold a special place in my heart. All best, Essie x

  9. Gorgeous! I love the frosty roof. I haven't seen any yet, but there are some tulips coming up in my garden!Love Linda x

  10. Hi lovely,

    That is a winter ritual for me too - such a wonderful sight!

    Do you know, I searched just yesterday in our garden and I couldn't see any. Grrr.

    They should be out by now in Oxfordshire - I am wondering where they;'ve got to!!


  11. Hello Julie
    I am enjoying this post very much and I love a frosty morning. The graveyard has a very peaceful feel. No snowdrops here in sunny Florida. My bougainvillia is in blooom!!

    Helen xx

  12. At the risk of sounding morbid Julie, I am more excited by your evocative pictures from a country churchyard: so atmospheric, shrouded in frost crystals. As for the snowdrops, I expect to find them in March or even April . how sad is that?


  13. Have a few round a tree I planted a few years ago... Would love to plant drifts of them, however I am just too lazy ... they are so tiny... must get less idle... must get less idle.... etc etc

  14. Hi Julie, many thanks for your lovely compliments. Regarding Mr. O.K., I am afraid he doesn't like change, not too good when you live with me), but he is glad that the grey is gone! I haven't told him I am going to put it in the living room,I'll save that for another day!Love Linda x