Wednesday, 25 January 2012


All ready with some new additions for this weekend's Fair in Carlisle, Cumbria .....A pair of chintz curtains, a rosebud and spot cloth, kitchen jugs and a large embroidered picture with the most detailed work.

A village scene done with a variety of stitches and plenty of patience....I love the naive quality and the perilous angle of the church!

Not particularly old ....unlike these two 1940's embroidered pictures....

But the skill, time and effort would have been exactly the same.

Two vintage, Scottish mohair lovelies.....a scarf and a shawl.... in pretty pastel colours.

And my little favourite....

The cutest photo of a baby in a vintage photo frame,

So sweet....

 Hope you all have good weekend,
Back soon,
Julie x

P.S.Thank you for all your lovely comments and a big hello to my new followers too! 


  1. The precarious angle of the church makes the picture really! Hope you have a successful weekend.

  2. Hello Julie:
    The detailed work in the embroidered pictures is truly remarkable. Such patience would be needed and such a delicate touch for this fine work. We are sure that someone will wish to own these treasures.

    Wishing you a successful sale, may the cash register never stop ringing!!

  3. Bellissimo!!!!
    kisses from Italy!

  4. Hello Julie

    The embroidery is beautifully stitched. I also love the colours in the mohair blanket and scarf.
    And the baby, so innocent and huggable.
    Helen xx

  5. Love the embroideries - see what you mean by the church being at a funny angle ;-)
    Liz & Shortbread & Ginger

  6. The mohair rugs are just what everyone needs at this time of the year: perfectly comforting on a winters day. Good luck with the Fair.


  7. Love the embroidered Spotty Pony! :)
    Have a good day on Sunday.
    Abby xx

  8. I do love the first embroidery with the wonky church - charming!

  9. I love those old embroidered pictures - and in fact have the same one as you have there - the crinoline lady in the garden. Boot sale buy for a pound last year. They are fab, aren't they. Getting harder to find though.

  10. Loveky pair of jugs there Julie!!

  11. Love that plump baby, although it always makes me sad to see such pictures for sale - I wonder why someone would ever give such a photo away...

  12. HI Julie, I hope that you had a good Fair this weekend, and that the weather didn't foul things up for you. The mohair is lovely, it reminds me of my mum who loved it, and had quite a few mohair jackets and coats and even skirts! Love Linda x

  13. Hi Julie,

    Love your blog and that straw house is wonderful!
    Thanks for visiting my blog. I do hope you pop into my shop,THE PERFECT WHIMSY, it'll be nice to meet you. Its based in a town called Northleach, near Burford, but I'm closed on Sun&Mon.

    In the mean time, keep warm.
    Joasia x

  14. Hi Julie, I have been trying to write things on our blog for months but sometimes it dosent let me! I love all your things- I wish I lived a bit closer and could have visited you at the fair! Hope it went well xx

  15. hi Julie- thanks for your message...philistine that I am, I have to confess I'm horribly HORRIBLY guilty of teabags in mugs (and I love instant coffee too!)