Monday, 25 June 2012

French moment....

Ooh la la...I think I am having a bit of a French moment with my buying.

This very long length of material which I thought initially was a French flag.... (as it lay bundled up in the bottom of an old pine blanket chest)......until I unwound it.... and it just kept coming.

It is actually twice the length of the washing line so I think I am going to get a few cushions out of this old fabric.

Continuing the red white and blue theme....

Two tall bookcases....the top coat red, the next layer pale blue and under that, white.

A lot of sanding later ( as the shelves had been well and truly painted in )

Et voila....on its way to a good old Farrow and Ball toning down.

Three coats of paint later,

Slightly distressed, and polished with a "dirty" polish....

And all ready for my books.

Including this wonderful 1910 business directory of Paris.

Linen covered and extremely heavy with printed adverts on the end paper....

Inside, fascinating adverts for agricultural machinery,

Heating appliances....

And when you get fed up with each other....

You can make an appointment.

Finally, in keeping with my French theme and most importantly....a 15 bottle crate from Monsieur Bourdial for storing my vin and Perrier...

Merci Monsieur!

A Bientôt....

Julie x


  1. oh, I notice you slipped "& Perrier" in the sentence about a 15 bottle wine carrier...!!

  2. Hello Julie, I sometimes have a French period myself, I love the fabric, could easily be Dutch tool hahaha, nice bookcase ,well done
    Hugs Erna

  3. Ravissant comme toujours, Julie!

  4. Looking forward to seeing the cushions - you should get quite a few out of that fabric! The bookcases are elegant painted in their new colour - lovely.

  5. Gorgeousness beyond the cupboards..hope you are well lots of hugs Lynn xxxxx

  6. Hi, Julie! Lovely post. I can just see the long length of material festooned around a local Mairie for the town Fete! The book is fabulous. We went to an auction yesterday and I've been poring through old newspapers, 70's Readicut rug catalogues,etc this morning (instead of 'getting on'!) Lovely day here yesterday, but rain ing heavily again now :( Abby x

  7. What a lovely post full of covetable treasures. The bookcase is just beautiful after all your hard work. That book cover and pages are just exquisite, a lovely old bit of worn linen does it every time for us! jayne x

  8. What treasures! Perhaps you could use the blue/white/red fabric for a bunting in the upcoming celebration of Quatorze juillet before making cushions? I would be just a bit tempted to carefully extract a page or two from that book for framing...


  9. Fabulous finds!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  10. Gorgeous bookcases, love the colour.
    Jo xx

  11. Ooooooh that box is just the right size for Champagne darling.........pop down to the supermarket and fill it with bubbles darling . . . . you deserve it . . . . . . . . . . . . . . after all that painting!!
    Love H xx

  12. Hi Julie
    How very strange that I have the same French fabric! I recently cleared out some of my mum's things and came across this fabric, all 9 yds of it and brought it home with me. I don't know where she got it from or why she had it but it is not in as good condition as yours. Love, love, love the bookcase and the directory. Funnily enough I also have a 15 bottle crate that I purchased recently!
    Ruth x

  13. Julie, hi

    I was delighted to see your 1910 Didot-Bottin Almanach - and will be sending you an email with a curious question about its contents...

    These annual directories are fairly valuable I think to historians, so you may want to resist tearing pages out of it !

    Jill x