Tuesday, 3 July 2012


With all this rain...some days of biblical quantities....the garden has gone into serious overdrive.

Impossible at times to get out and cut the grass,

The ferns are in heaven,

And so are those pesky slugs and snails, laying waste to my poor hostas.

Plants spilling over from the borders,

The fig with the biggest ever leaves in all its 6 years,

And an imminent, bumper flowering of the agapanthus.

At least with all this rain I don't have to drag the hosepipe out and fill the watering cans every few days,

But...why does it have to be so torrential?

I still managed to paint this dresser however....dodging the showers...

Rain can't stop play at The Cloth Shed .......x

Bye for now,
Julie x


  1. Gardens still look beautiful even in the rain, don't they? I am hosting a summer cream tea for Breast Cancer in my garden on Thursday - looks like it might be in the house at this rate. Will the sun ever shine again?
    Ruth x

  2. I decided yesterday to paint indoors...not a good idea for a clutz like me as the kitchen floor now has a very interesting paint effect...

  3. Yes, too much rain!! Agapanthus are lovely though - and ferns! Not actually raining here today (though there are dark clouds!)- so I did manage to cut our grass earlier. Lovely dresser! x

  4. Rain, rain and more rain here. Garden looks like a jungle and needs a serious 'haircut'! M x

  5. I'm sick of the rain too :o(
    The garden does look lush, but sadly I'm just not motivated to sort out the greenhouse either, a lot of seedlings have bolted and are going to end up as compost.
    Your Agapanthus are amazing, on of my favourites.
    You are VERY determined though painting in this lot - the end product looks great!
    Have a great (dry) week!
    Rose H

  6. I have never seen rain like it either, although Wimbledon and the Town Moor Fair usually signal a downpour. I managed to cut the grass but it needs cutting again, the shrubs have seemed to grow overnight, a bit of sun and a bit of rain. Snails and slugs abound, I have more holes than hosta! My one stem of agapanthus is reaching for the starts, very lanky, it is showing signs of actually flowering, I hope rain doesn't ruin its beauty.
    Lets hope for a little sunshine. Lovely dresser! jayne x

  7. Gorgeous dresser Julie, you are soooooh clever!!
    Love Helen xx

  8. Hi Julie
    dont forget if you ever want to sell your zinc finial, I'm your girl!
    T x

  9. Amazing, magic photos. Thank you for sharing

  10. Julie, love your dresser. Have also just put in some Agapanthus into pots at the front door...not sure how long they will last in this cooler climate. They grow like weeds at home in Oz. Robx