Thursday, 23 August 2012

Hedges and walls....and naughty chairs...

On our short break to Shropshire a few weeks ago we stopped off en route to visit a National Trust property  near Welshpool called Powis Castle  

This medieval castle situated on a hill with spectacular views of the beautiful Welsh countryside, has a steep, terraced garden bounded by a most unusual hedge.

A huge, knobbly, carbuncle winding its way down the hill...

Knitted together over the years....

    And clipped to perfection.

 In complete contrast, a day trip to the Scottish Borders a few weeks ago yielded another interesting boundary..... this time at the romantically named Sweetheart Abbey in Dumfries and Galloway.

A red sandstone Abbey surrounded by the remains of a granite boulder wall precinct...

Huge boulders knitted together with smaller stones.

Both hedges and walls perfectly executed by their creators hundreds of years apart.

All very lovely I'm sure you will agree.

However, my own encounter with a "wall" last Friday was not so lovely.

Not an attractive, historical wall..... but a modern concrete breeze block wall in a Leisure Centre.

That damaged the back of my head....and boy....did I see stars, as well as donating a pint of blood to the surrounding floor.

 A lengthy visit to casualty (via an ambulance for a bit of drama) resulted in a most fetching hat...

Which is now off and I can at last wash my yucky hair.

The culprit of this head trauma?

A chair....

A very naughty chair!

Julie x

P.S. .....I am now officially banned from standing on chairs by Mr C S.


  1. oh Julie, and to think it wasn't even a nice shabbily painted F&B vintage chair!

  2. If that is the chair in question I am not surprised as it looks like an accident waiting to happen!
    Glad you are basically OK as it couldn't have been a lot worse.
    Do hope you are on the mend.

  3. Ouch! Thank goodness it wasn't more serious. I know those chairs, they also stick their legs out and send you flying!

  4. Ouch! Thank goodness it wasn't more serious. I know those chairs, they also stick their legs out and send you flying!

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  6. Goodness! Glad to hear you're ok! Sweetheart Abbey is near my parent's farmhouse in Kirkcudbright. I hope you managed a stop in at Castle Douglas - there's a scrumptious cafe (Designs) and a great antique shop.

  7. Poor you - my family also are form nearby - Gatehouse of Fleet and yes Designs is just a WONDERFUL shop and cafe.
    I bet it was just lovely to wash your hair.


  8. Ooh, ooh that looks sore! Not sure the hedgear is very becoming either but glad you are now ok.
    Ruth x

  9. Blimey Julie, that was a shocker, how awful. Bet you had a bad head for a few days. Glad to hear you are on the mend. Your visits look great, i love dumfries and galloway, kirkudbright, gatehouse of fleet and castle douglas are all gorgeous. Take care jayne x

  10. Oh gosh, how nasty, but I must say that your fetching bandage-hat is a perfection of hospital winding expertise. I am sure it could be sent out as a pattern to be made up with material remnants!! Glad to know you are feeling better. Ann x

  11. Poor Julie, I'm gald you are feeling better though and your fashionable bonnet is now removed ;o)
    Every time I stand on a dining room chair to reach 'cos I'm too idle to fetch the steps, I think as I step onto it 'You idiot, you could really hurt yourself.' I shall now picture your poor noggin and get the steps.....
    Beaturiful images of your visits though :o)
    Stay safe.
    Rose H

  12. Oh dear, Julie! I thought it was just we older girls who had to beware of such dangers.
    Powis was a wonderful introduction to the Welsh Borders for us a couple of years ago - Mr N had a fall there - he slid down a steep bank, wet with dew, when trying to get a good photo of those hedges!

  13. Oh poor you, and in an ambulance too. Hope you feel better soon,
    Love Helen xx

  14. oh no !! your poor head, glad you are over the worst....

  15. Strangely, we were at Dumfries and Galloway this summer and Powys the previous summer! AND the last blog we commented on, our comment was below that of Gill Pinkneys! (cue eerie music)...woooo oooo!

  16. Ohh, poor you! Sorry to hear about the fall - and head wounds always produce such alarming amounts of blood (as I remember when LL junior slipped off the sofa and banged her head on a table - and ended up in hospital with stitches - well, staples actually).

    Glad to hear you're on the mend - and have been able to remove that charming bonnet...

  17. Oh Julie, what a gruesome picture. I do hope you are alright now, mind you you must be as you are assembling and painting clocks. Take it easy. The clock looks lovely by the way! Love Linda xx

  18. Just come across your lovely blog and the photograph of the lovely Powys Castle caught my eye. I walk through the park every week, at the moment the deer in the park are close to the road. The castle is georgous and I love being there x