Saturday, 4 August 2012

Shopping GB style....

A few days away to re-charge The Cloth Shed batteries took us to Ludlow in Shropshire and of course some shopping along the way...

The butchers twine in red and blue ( which I have been after for a long while for my labels ) came from an interesting little shop tucked in a side street just off the marketplace called Black Bough.

Refreshing to find them still open at 5pm and not in a hurry to throw us out....thank you chaps!

Unlike some, where half an hour before closing they are removing things off the pavements and clearing up for the day.
In times of "recession" and in a tourist area too, it does seem shortsighted to possibly lose a sale.

A small, vintage flag from 55 Mill Street to make into a cushion....a little different to the usual union flag and I will back it in old, off-white linen.

The Cotswolds of course were also on the travel list to purchase some more chalk paint from Station Mill Antiques just outside Chipping Norton.

Lots of projects planned for these tins.

A tasty lunch in their cafe.... then onto Cirencester to the lovely Corn Hall building with its interesting selection of shops and a Craft market, where once again at closing time, ( must stop doing this...) a quick purchase from Melanie Thornton's beautiful stall Lark

 I can't begin tell you how lovely this shea butter body lotion is, no nasty parabens and it smells so gorgeous too...her silver jewellery was also very tempting.

Emma Bridgewater Factory Shop in Stoke on Trent for some mug replenishment and a free oven glove
( August promotion ) on the way home... and a visit to a National Trust property we have never been to before.

Attingham Park in Shropshire with a kitchen to die for...

As keen National Trust members it was the first time we had actually taken up the offer of a guided tour and so pleased we did.

A wonderful lady in costume took us through the history of the family and the house with great style and a trained singer we heard the acoustic properties of the domed, glass roof gallery and as an actress her delivery and recollection of dates, ages and names would put a younger person to shame!

Heather she said.."game for anything"...what a star!
The Trust should be extremely pleased to have you.

As a final treat for the way home I bought some sweet peas from the plant area...£2 worth of gorgeousness.

Can't you just smell them?

Julie x

PS Many thanks for your lovely comments and to Jane the Book Lady for nominating me for an award...too kind xx


  1. It looks like you had a wonderful time Julie, I love the intage flag, see you next weekend at Richmond.
    Love Helen xx

  2. So many inspirations for travelling here - I love Ludlow & now have some unexplored shops to visit. Pity we were towed home by the AA today...

  3. Hi Julie, love your blog...I'm interested to see that you recently visited Station Mill Antiques in Chipping Norton..have been meaning to check it out for a it worth an hours trip or not? Also, I have the same's called the Red Duster...did a post on it ages ago...'' if you're interested. Robx

  4. Oooh, lucky you! I would love to go to the Emma Bridgewater Stoke shop. Am vv jealous!!


  5. The butchers twine... it is often called bakers twine too. If need more try
    in US. I recall trying to find it for years & now know where to find in Australia but always see it on Stampington's web

  6. What a lovely trip you had to recharge your batteries. It always fascinates me how the shops do shut when there are so many people meandering. Your purchases look great, a little treat now and then does no harm eh? I found a new shop opening yesterday in Alnwick and it sells Annie Sloan chalk paint!!!! yahoo! Hope to see you at Hexham but have got a lot of work to make. Did you get to the linens? I took some of it back but did get a lovely dress you would have loved it has a bit spotty hem! Jayne x

  7. Julie, thanks so much for mentioning us on your blog. Glad that you found us and looks like the rest of your trip was good as well. Adam @ Black Bough

  8. looks like you had a really lovely few days away and in such a beautiful part of the country, and some special purchases to boot!!....

  9. Ludlow is such a lovely place, I don't think anyone could be disappointed by a visit there.
    Pleased you've had such a wonderful few days...just the thing to re-chargethe batteries :o)
    (Next time you're in the Stoke area let me know as I'm only around 20 miles away.)
    Rose H

  10. Great shopping Julie and thanks so much for the link to Station Mill, I appreciate that. I'm embarrassed to think what my unit looked like as I have been away to Dorset and left it unattended for too long!
    Essie x