Thursday, 27 September 2012

When the boat went out...

With this favourite old Sunderland lustre mug as a constant reminder in the kitchen....I have always wanted to take a boat trip off the Northumberland coast and visit the Farne Islands.

A group of Islands not only famous for the puffins and grey seals, but also the heroine Grace Darling and her father who rescued the survivors of the Forfarshire Steamer in September 1838 after it ran aground in a violent storm.
You can read more about her here

They lived in the Longstone Lighthouse pictured above.....on one of the furthest islands from shore.

 So, it was on a glorious day last week that we took the Golden Gate boat complete with lots of four legged friends....dogs being welcome to take the trip out and explore the rocky island, which I thought was a great idea.

As we approached the island, camouflaged, fat grey seals posed on the rocks for the cameras.

 Having landed we walked towards the freshly painted lighthouse...

Took the steep ladder steps to the top,

To admire the view and listen to the history of the huge light.

Then back in the boat, hugging the islands rocky outcrops,

Where the seabirds nest ...

 Then back to Seahouses a race with another boat Glad Tidings ...who take trips to Inner Farne and Staple Island.

A fabulous and informative two hour trip for the bargain price of £10 per person....most definitely one to do again next year, earlier in the season, to see the puffins who have now flown back to Scandinavia for the winter.

Final factoid from the Skipper in his Northumbrian twang,

"Puffins only lay one big egg a year....they dig two for a bedroom the other for a toilet."

Well there you go...

He didn't say they look like woolly pom poms when they are babies though...

Julie x


  1. What a fantastic trip and makes me realise I need to definitely come up and visit your part of the world, it is absolutely stunning. I can imagine the islands being a magical sight on a wild and stormy night. I love the woolly pom pom puffin chick, very sweet.
    Jo xx

  2. As a child we had a shell/sea weed picture frame with a picture of Grace Darling ,rowing a boat in heavy seas near the light house ,I loved the story ,but don't know what happened to the Jan xx

  3. Whhat a lovely day you had Julie, the weather was kind too. Your photographs are fantastic, I feel as if I was there with you. Jayne x

  4. Awe soooooooh cute Julie!!
    Were you sea sick or have you got sea legs? As it looked a bit choppy?
    Such an adventure . . . . in your own back yard,
    Love Helen xx

  5. Another experience for my bucket list Julie! It looks fantastic! I love the lustre mug too - a rare one I'm sure.

  6. Now, thats what I call a proper day out. 10 pounds (no sterling key) is a bargain these days.

  7. I'm partial to the odd bit of Sunderland lustre. It tells such wonderful stories.

    Wonderful maritime photos. Reminds me of home.

  8. It does look lovely but sooooo cold! I'm all of a shiver here!!

    That puffin baby is cute, cute, cute!


  9. I was onl saying the other day that I would love to come up there, and see the Angel as we pass by and visit Bamburgh and now a fantastic boat trip.....I think it will have to be a week!
    Any other ideas then please let me know.
    T x

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