Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Random Autumnal snippets....

The neighbouring fields are ploughed and the trees and hedgerows are turning their Autumnal colours now.

Virginia creeper putting on a glorious display at the front of the house,

And a green Acer under planted with green hostas is now a beautiful red with soggy yellow hostas.

New additions to the Paris directory of 1910 from a fellow exhibitor, one with a very tatty linen cover
but incredibly fascinating inside.

And 4 large French glass jars perfect for dried hydrangeas.

The Fairs continue with great gusto and at times I struggle to keep up with new stock.

The latest purchase for displaying interesting little pieces on my stand came from TK Maxx....a shadow box with pins to keep everything in place.

An absolute master stroke...

Delicious homemade, hedgerow blackberry and apple pies from our lovely neighbour...a great cook who often passes her "extras" over the fence,

Figs and Physallis...bitter and sweet

And finally a treat for my feet,

New shoes...
So comfortable and reduced price too!

With an Autumnal feel...

 What is that saying?  "When I grow old I'm going to wear purple"

I think I might have started....

Julie x

PS Thank you for all your lovely comments on my previous posts and a big hello to my new followers.

PPS The Autumn Fair @ Rheged, Cumbria  is this weekend so busy making and painting x


  1. Love the hydrangeas, reminds me I must beg some from my neighbour! Looks like you have been busy lately. Love the purple shoes! Catch up soon.
    Jo xx

  2. A great post with lots to look at, read and comment upon. Good old TK Maxx, what a find and perfect for your display. Yes, it is hard keeping up with stock, if only we could ring the wholesaler and he delivers a crate of authentic vintage goodies! I love Virginia Creeper and don't hostas look awful at this time of year? Love the colours of the figs and physallis together too.
    Ruth x

  3. Hi Julie
    Glad to drop by.. Love the shoes but I love purple too.. The gardens are looking so sorry for themselves with all this rain.. Wondered if you were doing Slalely hall this year and wondered when it was ?.. Angi X

  4. Hi Julie, love the book a gorgeous tattered cover. I love all your displays and have just cut some of my friends neighbours gorgeous greeny pink hydrandgeas. I love them at this time of year when they are all papery. It must be hard to keep on top of sourcing such lovely items. I love that display box, it is ideal. Hope to catch up soon. jayne x

  5. I just want to let everyone know that you are far too YOUNG to wear purple in an old lady way or even to have heard about THAT poem!( A "kind" friend gave it to me some years ago.)
    nilly x

  6. Mmmmmmm I love figs!! Hope you have a busy weekend . . . . . You spring chicka you,

  7. a neighbour who passes pies over the hedge...any houses for sale in your street????

    lovely photos, lovely stock, lovely shoes and as always, lovely TK MAXX!

  8. Great post! I rather like the floppy yellow hostas, makes it feel like it's properly autumn (unlike here in Delhi, where it's 30 degrees!).

    Thanks for the tip about the newly-acquired Paris directory - would you check for signs of my man Lainé again? Turns out he didn't die till 1911...

  9. Hi Julie
    I need the pies, shoes & all of the glass vases please.
    T x
    Flo says just the pies for her!!

  10. Hi Julie, lovely autumnal pics for us. I love the hydrangea in the big jars, and your lovely tweedie shoes, and those gorgeous looking old books. I also live the fact that you put huge big price labels on your stock. There is nothing worse than dealers who don't price things, or have it in code, so that you are afraid to look at things.

    Thanks for your comments on my post. I am in agreement with you, and like the 'Classic Country' look best of all.
    Much love to you, Linda x

  11. Oh wow you have some wonderful stock, your Fair stand must be amazing! The old Parisian books look wonderful.
    Thanks for your comment on mine, so pleased to have found your lovely blog!
    Gill xx

  12. Hi Julie,many thanks for popping in and leaving comments. Wishing you a wonderful week, love Linda x