Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Time lapse....

The Bastle when we bought it three years ago...... a pretty cottage with blocked doorway and window above. The pointing was a mix of old and new cement.... The boulder stone walls so well "buttered" with hard mortar that it was impossible to see each stone clearly.
A 1960's porch and a rampant ivy burying itself into the building.

Winter came...

A new access drive and parking space were dug out by hand.... Yes, us...
Lifting the turf and spreading a lorry load of whinstone from the local quarry was a great workout for the tummy muscles.

Permission from the planners allowed us to re-instate the upstairs window but not the door... And the porch was removed. Scaffolding was erected to address the leaning chimney and dodgy gable around the garret window.

Existing sash windows were renovated and one for the new opening made to the same specification.
I painted all the windows in Farrow and Ball Light Gray exterior eggshell when they were in pieces.... sashes, frames, bead etc, then reassembled.
They are all now working beautifully, with draught brushes to keep the wind out... No rattling here!

Fast forward to 2012 and after full re-pointing of the whole building with lime mortar, a new oak front door made by us ( we are pretty practical...).....and new simple shutters made by Mr CS and painted by moi... The Bastle is becoming more impressive with its huge boulder walls and strangely.... looks bigger than before.

Next time.... What has been going on behind that door?

Julie x


  1. what HAS been going on behind that door????

  2. Oh my goodness, what a rescue, renovation and labour of love! It looks so gorgeous and robust and happy now. Can only imagine the magic you have wrought with your blood, sweat and F and B paint inside!! x

  3. How beautiful! Your project is so interesting, inside and out! I'm curious why you were allowed to put the window back, but not the door.
    Please don't wait to long to post updates. It's just lovely.

  4. Oooooooh, love the photo's, just will have to be patient to find out. Patience is a virtue... but still... Alright that's enough... HURRY UP Julie!


  5. I love it! I'm quite ignorant about home improvements & DIY (though I'm pretty good with a paintbrush too), so I've never heard of draught brushes for windows & ours have rattled like mad over the Winter - and Spring! I will investigate.

  6. It's looking great - love the door. It's really hard work, but very satisfying - we built a house up from 3 walls years ago. Look forward to seeing more. Abby X

  7. Julie, it's looking great! We're just planning a return trip to the UK for June, so hope to come up and admire it all in person... Jill x

  8. Wow Julie, I love the progress, am green with envy down here in Wales :-). Enjoy the process, you will look back with great satisfaction. Can't wait to see the results. All the best.

  9. Looks beautiful, well done to both of you.
    I look forward to seeing the inside.


  10. It's beautiful. The stonework is lovely and such a nice colour. Love the windows. Cannot wait for the next reveal!

  11. You have an interesting blog and activities! Nice to find you !

  12. It is gorgeous Julie, I can't wait to see what is behind that beautiful door, hope we don't have to wait too long! x

  13. Hello Julie,
    you have done such a marvelous job of the outside of the Bastle, I can't wait to see the interior either. It looks to be in such a lovely location also.
    I love your bag from Lynn at Sea-Angels, it is really special. I love your oil portrait also. I too have always wanted one of those.
    Hope all is well with you? Love Linda xx

  14. What an amazing labour of love. You must be very proud of yourselves. It is a fantastic transformation. Can't wait to see the inside - I'm sure the red and purple walls will have been transformed too!

  15. Oooooooooooh show us behind the door Julie..........I can't wait!!
    H xx

  16. gorgeous!! what a beautiful home.

  17. Your historic home is so inviting.
    I can hardly wait to peek inside.

  18. Hello !
    Your blog is very nice, really I love it !
    And what a pretty house you have...
    Céline, french watercolorist.

  19. I always keep an eye on your progress Julie. It is sympathetic, in tune, of the times in which it originally was built. Carry on the good work!