Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Triple treasures....

A laundry basket of treasures bought at Gateshead Antique and Vintage Fair yesterday.....

A machine stitched patchwork quilt with faded roses whole cloth reverse.....an unfinished 19th century patchwork piece....and a very dirty dolly.

The machine stitch quilt would make a great chair/sofa throw or even cut up for cushions.

The unfinished quilt piece with the star pattern however is too fragile.....perhaps for framing or just as a record of lovely old fabrics.

"Dirty Dolly" with her grubby hands, dress and face.... Nicely made with jointed linen legs and arms, hand embroidered features and unruly mohair hair....

Linen dress, lace petticoat but no knickers....


Do I try to wash her or leave her as I found her?

Julie x


  1. I always find it useful ( and joyful ) to have antique fabrics around for reference, as in your star quilt top.Nice finds.

  2. your star quilt could reside, as my Georgian one does, in the "best place" in the linen cupboard to be taken out and drooled over, petted and patted. . .

  3. Gasp.........No knickers? She is a dirty dolly!!!! Hee, hee!!
    Gorgeous quilt Julie,
    love Helen xx

  4. Lovely treasures Julie, I'm drooling over the quilt piece, it is gorgeous, is it for sale or a keeper?
    Jo xx

  5. Love the treasures you've bought, I bought some little pieces when I was at the textile fair here.
    I am most interested in how you can dye fabric with paint !?
    Do tell.


  6. Wonderful treasures Julie! What a gorgeous old quilt:o) I think I'd try to clean dolly up a bit...and find her some knickers!
    Rose H

  7. Lovely quilts - both, in their own way. And lovely doll - though she looks a bit of a madam! A floozy! I'd be inclined not to try to clean her - be such a shame if colours ran or suchlike. Abby x

  8. I think I'd give her a wee bath in a pillowcase on the delicate cycle... not sure what that might do to her hair but cold water shouldn't make it felt and with gentle agitation she should be fine.
    Love the quilt pieces...
    Susan x

  9. a basket of real treasures Julie, love the quilt especially. I wouldn't try and clean her up I love her as she is. I would maybe make her some linen knicks, still cold up here in the north! Jayne x

  10. Glad you found some treasures at the fair! My fave is the Victorian patchwork.

  11. What super finds.I am no expert on these things but think I might have to clean dolly up a bit!

  12. Just give her a red hat...?


  13. Gasp..... Julie..I love all of your fabulous treasures, leave Dolly just as she is maybe a quick 3 days in the freezer though ha ha, I adore.... no I love your machined quilt. It must be so hard finding cupboard space to put it all in....sigh if ever you need any help ha ha .. really pleased you had a good day.
    Hugs Lynn xx

  14. I'm shocked! No knickers? She is a hussy! ;-)

  15. Hi Julie, love your treasures. I admire Susan's brave attitude to cleaning dolly.
    Thank you for your lovely comments. I do think Lynn is so talented. Your cushions look wonderful. I loved them too, but wasn't sure if my house was too cluttered and eclectic for them. Your lovely pared down white and wire look would be perfect.
    Have a lovely weekend, love Linda x