Wednesday, 12 June 2013

"Pod" removal.....

The kitchen extension on the side of the Bastle housed a most unusual "pod" kitchen and staircase arrangement when we bought it..... Oppressive to say the least. 
But with fabulous old beams and soaring height we realised this would make one big dramatic kitchen. 

The view from the front door...

View from the top of the stairs....

The yellow kitchen......


So....plans approved, we ( the two of us ) set to work removing the kitchen pod and worm infested staircase....cement render was chipped from the walls and total devastation was created.

A party electrical cable hung precariously over the kitchen... This was the power supply to the next door cottage, paper insulated and a little dangerous. Thankfully after many months of negotiation it has been removed and our neighbours have their own supply. 

Black beams were painstakingly stripped of treacle varnish, walls repointed with lime, insulation installed in the roof, new oak front door, timber sash windows and stable door installed and painted.....

 The old concrete floor removed and dug out by hand ready for the underfloor heating.....and finally the sub base was floated in.

Fast forward now to 2013...... Under floor heating trays and pipes in

And covered with the final screed.

The original ledge and braced front door was cut down to fit the boot room opening

Monster slate flooring was laid...

And grouted.

Just awaiting the new staircase now to replace the temporary ladder arrangement.... Bit of a problem lifting the plasterboard and steel bath upstairs, never mind...we are finally getting there!

Hope you are all enjoying the gorgeous has been glorious in Northumberland.
Long may it continue.
Julie x


  1. how come you get glorious Julie when we get non-stop rain and galeforce winds?

    love what you're doing with the house

  2. Its looking fantastic Julie, your attention to detail is amazing. I think you must have all the gorgeous weather it's dreadful here in Derbyshire, gale force winds and rain, it's like Autumn!!
    Jo xx

  3. Ooh, it's awaken my renovation gene, I'll go and lie down, hopefully it'll pass?

    All looking tickerty-boo; it is so good you have taken photo's at every stage. Can't wait for the next chapter.


  4. You're doing a wonderful job there! It's going to look fantastic. Glad you've got sunshine - it's pouring down here! Abby x

  5. Sounds like the kind of 'codge-up' you often come across in old houses here in France. The new opened up area looks fantastic!


  6. Julie, it's looking absolutely lovely. Those stone walls are beautiful. Looking at the before photos with the electric blue paint I can't help but wonder what the previous owners were thinking!

  7. Oh make it look soooooooooh easy!!
    Love H xx

  8. Slowly but surely these projects take over but very much worth it in the end.. Looking great and fab you have a picture diary.. Wish I had thought to do that when we did our old barn..can't wait for the next stage.. Hugs Angi X

  9. You a creating a beautiful home Julie, love the way it is looking at the moment. Can't wait to see the next instalment! Jayne x

  10. May I feel your biceps please, when next we meet?
    I'm totally amazed by what you've achieved, by the way.

  11. We were delighted to meet the bastle 'in person' today and to see all the wonderful work that you and Mr CS have carried out! We were very impressed and look forward to a visit next year when it will all be finished and you can sit back with a glass of wine on those sunny terraces... Jill x