Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Stone, cobbles and flagstones....

The outside path as it was when we first bought the Bastle.... Grass, bits of old Tarmac and hidden flagstones.

Years of dumping stone and rubble from inside the house... ( It is amazing how much stone comes out of a wall when re-opening windows ) the flower borders were trashed but the peonies and astilbes were rescued and replanted at the back.

Time for a big clear up and definitely long overdue.

The stone was used to build a dwarf wall at the front....

The grass was lifted and the flagstones saved for re positioning.

A flagged area for sitting out in the afternoon sunshine was created and bordered with laurel to provide privacy. 
Kept clipped and compact it will be a good wind break too.

A flagstone path set on a dry mix down the middle....

And either side, cobbles set in a deep bed of sand, tight together to stop them moving.

Starting to look really good!

The final few to go in, a small cobble edge...

About to disappear in a top coat of sand.

All done ......hurrah...

And now taken full advantage of by the local ramblers association as they pass through the village.

I'm thinking of serving tea and scones next time with tables and chairs down the cobbled path....
A new career perhaps?

Julie x


  1. Hello Julie

    How sweet of your to share your new wall with the local ramblers and to offer them a welcome rest.
    Their good wishes will remain, long after they have departed


  2. Julie it all looks wonderful, what a lovely transformation.

  3. It looks beautiful Julie and the bastle really is a stunning building. Love the ramblers!
    Jo xx

  4. Oh Julie we are talking looking gorgeous, bet those fabulous old craftsmen who built it, are having a party in heaven just to see the cottage being restored lovingly and sensitively. Its the most beautiful place, I am so pleased for you xxx
    Hugs Lynn xxx

  5. That really is an attractive path - well done! And love that the stone wall is being used already! Yes, definite a marketing opportunity there! x

  6. All of your hard work is paying off Julie, it is looking wonderful. I love the path, it just suits perfectly. Hope to catch up with you soon. Jaynex

  7. We were delighted to visit and see the path being completed: it looks even better in real life than in your photos! Good luck with the next phase of work. Jill x

  8. Hi Julie I loved your comment on simple Chat... wouldn't it be fab...you could do the same with the Bastile..small gite..Brocante visits... sounds good xxxxx I'm on my way ha ha
    Hugs Lynn xxx

  9. Beautiful work Julie!
    Thank goodness there isn't a bus stop outside the Bastle or you'd be permanently "occupied"!

  10. Small things can make a massive difference eh? But there is how many days work in that path Julie? Not to mention your poor knees!!
    Much love Helen xx

  11. Hey Julie, this is really inspiring for me....its looks so nice, you made a lovely job of that wall.I needed to see some 'before and afters' because our garden just seems like a messy pile of rocks and earth right now....we are also going to be building a low wall with the stone.Lots of love xx

  12. Fantastic - and with all the materials to hand -what did you use to bed the flagstones in? cement or Lime?

    Do you mind if I pin one of your photos as it's given me inspiration for my own frontage.

  13. Wonderful! What an amazing transformation!

  14. Julie....The new courtyard looks fabulous. I'm really impressed. Congratulations on a job well done.