Wednesday, 24 July 2013


Some new purchases of the 'non bloomer'  kind.
A sweet, little leather suitcase in great condition and with the added bonus of a key.

A bundle of blue bound, Georgian books with hand cut pages....

Fab labels... and articles on giant snakes...

Architectural plans,

And pages of algebra...which still go right over my head as it did way back in the 70's with the terrifying maths teacher Mr Robinson (Robbo)

Really....what was the point of it all?

A mystery object made of zinc with 16 removable pots.

No idea what it is for and neither did the dealer I bought it from.

Any suggestions would be most welcome....

Hope you are still enjoying this gloriously warm Summer weather ( in between the odd downpour or two )

The locals are content....

And the roses are giving the best display in a long time...

From a warm and humid Northumberland...
Bye for now,
Julie x


  1. wouldn't it be nice to have a VINTAGE supermarket, with all the food in the old packaging we remember, and all the clothes/bedding accessories and homewares vintage and antiques!

  2. Always love to see what you've found. Beautiful things!

  3. Ooh lots of lovely things...I love the zinc pots they look like they could be really useful for hand painting or place settings to hold names and a few tiny sprigs or as tiny pin cushions or little lights.
    Love the papery things too, but my very faves are those roses all tumbling beautiful.
    Hugs Lynn xxxx

  4. MORE interesting books, Julie. Aargh - algebra! Though I did get O level (showing my age!) maths - it was history I failed. Now I can't get enough of it!

  5. Hello Julie, oh my those roses, and the wall! Love the little suitcase. I wondered if the zinc thing might be a palette, but you would think there would be paint on it. Anyway, whatever it is, it's lovely.
    Wishing you a joy-filled weekend, with much love, Linda x

  6. Lovely purchases.....and stunning roses!

    Wishing you a happy and warm weekend in Northumberland.....


  7. Each and every one is a purchase of the non bloomer gorgeous kind. Love it all! The pictures of the roses and the wall are stunning. Happy weekend from a hot and humid north east coast! x

  8. Thanks for sharing your lovely photos,
    Kind regards from a hot and humid Amsterdam
    Erna x

  9. Julie

    Those little pots are delightful - and intriguing! Zinc is such a common metal for gardening containers, it made me think they must be little French pots for seedlings or cuttings - but the container is very unusual, and seems to suggest they might be tiny timbale moulds?

    Do let us know if you get a definite ID!