Thursday, 1 August 2013

Summer uplift...

Carnations that look as if they have been dip dyed...

Raspberry ripple...

Cheaper than a posh cup of coffee or 'designer' ice cream.... 
They will certainly last  longer and give more enjoyment.

Expensive flower shop?

They've done it again... Where do they source their flowers?
Thanks Aldi x


  1. A flower can just give us a little lift, I received some very unusual lilies from mr T on my birthday, they really are gorgeous. I love to have flowers around the house and yours are just gorgeous, they almost look dried Julie. They are amazing value to. Jayne

  2. Lovely just lovely Aldis flowers this year have been fabulous and your carnations are so pretty. This year they have had huge bunches of hyacinths, ranuculas, and just lately peonies and stocks, isn't it lovely to be able to buy two bunches without being bankrupt ha ha
    Hugs Lynn xx

  3. They're really pretty and unusual, Julie - and what a bargain! x

  4. I have the same but in coral, sitting in my 60s Italian vase (rocking a retro vibe here) on my desk. . .

  5. I STILL haven't made the effort to try Aldi despite your story about yummy, seedy sprinkles. Or was that Lidl...?

  6. Amazing value and so gorgeous! Wish I had an Aldi near me in Kent?


  7. Gorgeous Julie, well spotted. We don't have Aldi here. Love Linda x