Thursday, 8 August 2013

Apples and Pears....

At last....we can finally...get up the stairs!
The ladder has now been replaced with this.

The long awaited staircase arrived in two pieces a week ago and had to be assembled inside the kitchen....the front door was removed and with inches to spare.... it was in.

With a bit of fine tuning and moved into position with the aid of the trolley (me)  and man muscle (him)

The wonky walls and meeting up to the stone steps had its moments...

But finally it was in place.

The decision now was... what colour?

 Primer and undercoat applied,

The decision was made...Farrow and Ball Charleston Grey for the final finish. 
It works well with the stone walls and slate floor.

Under the staircase is to be left open for boots, dog, Hoover etc 

And you can also see the peg leg staircase support which sits nicely on the Bastle boulder wall. 
This would have been an outside wall originally before the 18th century kitchen extension was added.

Now all that needs doing are some handrails and two contemporary glass panels to stop people falling through.

It is a joy to walk up, even though the stairs turn at different angles. Quirky I suppose, but far nicer than the old woodworm infested, straight one which ran right across the old bastle doorway.

Now there will even be room for a small breakfast table and chairs in front of the door.

Back soon with a bathroom makeover...the purple has all gone!

Julie x


  1. Hi Julie, wow, the new staircase looks great. And the colour choice works well. Looking forward to seeing more. Tam x

  2. Oh love the Charlton grey!!!! It's looking fab isn't it?
    Helen xxxx

  3. Loving your new quirky staircase and your chosen colour, it blends in so well with the natural materials. Can't wait to see it finished. You have great taste!

  4. Stairway to heaven of a Charleston kind... Love it!


  5. The new stairs look wonderful and the colour really compliments the stonework.

    Will you have some Roger Oates running up the middle??

  6. Julie, great to see the staircase in, having wobbled our way up the ladder when we visited! Glad you're making such good progress. Look forward to more reports.

  7. Talking of bathrooms - mine is painted in Charleston Grey! It's great because it looks good with neutral & stone colours and equally fab with dramatic bright colours! Well I think so - my best friend thinks it looks like under-coat!

  8. You are definitely getting there Julie, the colours complement each other perfectly. As you know I have a bit of a thing for grey. I look forward to seeing the bathroom Jayne x

  9. It's looking wonderful Julie, love your choice of colour. Love Linda x