Monday, 28 October 2013

Cat and mouse....

As you probably know, Monsieur Oscar lives in a bijou apartment in Paris with his doting human parent.... My daughter.

Beautiful tabby, totally spoiled and in her eyes, can do no wrong.

That was until the other weekend.

Having been let out for his usual wander round the courtyard one morning...he returned...highly vocal, vocal enough to ring alarm bells that something was a little different this time.

She opened the door and in he ran, pleased as punch with his "prize"

Straight into the bathroom he went and with quick thinking she shut the door on him.

Plucking up courage, she eventually peeked her head around the door, to find he had dispensed with his prey....which was now lying motionless on the bath mat.
But what to do with it?

She rang me!

"I can't pick it up... What should I do?"
We finally agreed rubber gloves, kitty poop scoop thingy and a plastic bag to tip it into would be the answer.
Dispatched to the dustbin outside and it was gone.

Result.....One traumatised daughter, one chuckling mother and a very bad cat!

Julie x


  1. Oh Dear......lets hope he didn't think she was squealing with there may well be more gifts/offerings coming to her very French door, best not to say anything..
    Hugs Lynn xxx

  2. I had a little smile to myself Julie. I would have been the same, I once found a dead mouse and ran a mile!! So glad we come in useful for our girlsXX

  3. oh you brought back a memory of my mother screaming her head off sitting in the middle of the dining table, making me empty every cupboard in the kitchen searching out a mouse the cat brought in! her....full fear, me.....none! but spiders...the other way round! loving having found you x

  4. Well, startling for sure, but better than the morning I woke to find proud cat and captured mouse both skittering around on my bed.

  5. You wicked mother.....Did you not jump on a plane to rescue her? Hee....hee!!
    Another of life's rich lessons eh?

  6. When we moved to the country our town cat had a field day - the daily bag was sometimes a baby bunny, most often a field vole, which in turn, explained the vet, gave HIM the tape worm.
    Eventually Harry the cat left for pastures new - and we didn't replace him!