Friday, 18 October 2013

String and things....

Joyous find at Hexham Antique Fair on Tuesday .... 
A box of Irish linen thread in many colours from Henry Campbell &Co Ltd, Belfast, Ireland.

Unused and bundled together in 1/2 oz knots

As I have never seen anything like these before, I was wondering....what were they used for originally?

Any ideas?

I could use them for tying gifts, or threads for my labels instead of string....or by engaging my creative side, make delicate strings of tiny vintage keys, buttons, paper ephemera to just hang and look pretty.

Other buys included these lovely 19th century clock faces,

Hand painted with a faded makers name, however, I think someone decided to start cleaning the rose one, then gave up... A little patchy, but still shabbily attractive.

Finally, a busy weekend is on its way for me. 

A two day Gift and Food Fair at Rheged, Penrith, Cumbria, so I have been busy painting small pieces of furniture,

Mirrors and chairs too have been painted in off-whites and my new colour of the egg blue. 
Fabric pictures made and the usual decorative Cloth Shed pieces all packed and ready.

Little gold cherub candles in fluted, pastry tins should help things along, as we all know it is the start of "The Silly Season"

So I am thinking....all over again, 

 Table decoration ...tureens, silver plate, glassware, linen, napkins for the Fair this weekend.

How this year has flown.

Julie x


  1. Lovely finds Julie, I love the painted clock faces.
    Jo xx

  2. I hope you have a really busy weekend gorgeous girl,

  3. I have had linen cloth samplers with what appeared to be coloured linen thread embroidery, so it could be for embroidery.
    I would love to thread and knot bead necklaces with it myself.

  4. what amazing finds Julie, just gorgeous, love everything. Good luck at the weekend fair, sorry didn't make Hexham. Hope to see you next time. Duck egg blue is my all time favourite colour x

  5. You're so right Julie, this year has flown by. I love your finds, especially those threads. I'm thinking they are embroidery threads, beautiful rich colours. Enjoy the silly season :-)

  6. Such pretty threads and your clock faces are gorgeous xx
    Hugs Lynn x