Saturday, 7 June 2014

New Bastle kitchen....

You may remember the Bastle kitchen as it was over 3 years ago.... A little pod in the 18th century side extension to the original 16th century Bastle building.

Well after a " little" destruction.... Kitchen units, ceiling and cupboard removed, concrete render taken off in 3 to 6 inch slabs from the walls and re pointed with lime mortar, ceiling insulated, floor dug out, insulation and underfloor heating installed and screed in place.

New oak door frame and reclaimed door to the boot room, new doors, windows and shutters

Large slate floor laid.... Blooming heavy slabs...

Still no staircase yet, just a scary ladder to get to the second floor.

Then the installation of a "work of art treads and risers" staircase to get to the next floor in such a tight space,

Painting started and wall lime plastered.

Monster oak worktop installed on units,

Looking into the boot room...

Kitchen doors and appliances in...

Pewter knobs and cup handles on the Farrow and Ball painted doors

The floor stained and sealed...

Almost Finished!

Just need the glass panels for the staircase and the graphite kick boards on.... Table and chairs in place and we are done. 

We've come an awful long way.....

Julie x


  1. Munching my toast with ginger jam, like you do, only at weekends, mind! I thought of you Julie and that blooming bong bed, and yes I did mean bong. I idly (idle being the operative word here) wondered how the latter-day Bastle workings were going. And hey-ho an update and very lovely it is too.


  2. Love it, what a transformation. Do you by any chance do B&B, lol!!. xx

  3. I just adore everything you did! Staircase awsome!
    Greetings Helle:-

  4. If I were you I think I'd want to downsize and move in now! How can you resist - it's perfect?

  5. What a transformation, it is absolutely stunning !! Really fantastic work you have done. The satisfaction afterwords must be so so great.

  6. just totally should be starring in Country Living its so lovely xxx

  7. Well done, I can remember having to climb a ladder every time I had to upstairs and come down backwards - that went on for nearly 5 years !
    I went up and down the oak staircase we had made about 10 times the day it was finished it was such a novelty.


  8. A truly inspirational transformation, I could move in tomorrow. Your taste is exquisite Julie, you must be delighted with it.

  9. Just gorgeous Julie, you make it look soooooh easy!!!
    Your guests will be spoilt!

  10. Oh Julie this is wonderful - it must have been such hard work. I hope to see this in one of the mags when its complete. You must be very proud

  11. It would be a dream to have this as my kitchen! What a difference. It's amazing what lots of money and back breaking work can accomplish 😀. Bravo!!

  12. Julie, its so luxurious and cosy at the same have such great taste girl!
    Its so funny that your kitchen and stairs had to be done in the same 'phase' of renovation just like ours......But you get good at climbing ladders in your slippers with a cup of tea in one hand dont you??!! Fantastic job though, its truly stunning xxxx

  13. Simply gorgeous Julie, you really have made such a marvellous transformation. I love the floor especially. Much love to you, Linda xx p.s. how are the Fairs going?

  14. Wow, that's an impressive makeover that you guys just did. I particularly love the new floor as compared to the old one. Of course, that staircase deserves a special mention too. I'm glad that you're more than satisfied with the result. Keep us posted on your next home improvement projects!

    Fred Richardson @ SGK Home Solutions