Sunday, 6 July 2014

Summer in the village....


Gorgeous wedding flowers in our church this weekend.
Summer flowers...alchemilla, sweetpeas, roses, scabious around the church door.

The font...

And the pews...beautiful xx

The Bastle is just next door to the Church and I can safely say, after 3 on the final straight for completion...hurrah!

The outside is finished...simple, no clutter.

There is a place to sit at the front of the house when the sun comes round in the afternoon.
The laurel hedge will thicken, heighten and create a private sitting area. 
Another year perhaps?

There is also seating on the deck at the rear of the Bastle for morning and lunchtime sun,

Inside the living room is coming together.. Big squashy, " take your shoes off, curl up and relax" chair and sofa..

18th century Country furniture, a wood burning stove for chilly evenings and quirky additions on the wall...

The dining table in front of the original bastle doorway, framed by a 19th century fireplace..

The staircase glass panels in the kitchen area are now in...

The iron chandelier is quite dramatic if I may say so...

The new, suspended lighting over the kitchen work area went in today and is casting pretty shadows this evening...

I am delighted we are on the final straight and so is Miss Ottie....

Nice rug Mum x

She is looking rather smart as she has a new, personalised leather collar..a bit of bling for my shiny girl x

So, a few more weeks and hopefully it will be marketed for holiday lets in gorgeous Northumberland... A kick off the backside from Hadrian's Wall too x

Julie x


  1. What fun you have had - I love the suspended lights. Very "now" amidst the rustic "then"!

  2. At the end you made it and it came out a beautiful cottage Julie,
      the dream of my life.
    A big kiss to the tender Ottie.
    Love Suzy x

  3. Just wonderful Juile, I am sure your guests will love it!

  4. Sounds absolutely lovely, Julie. I've always wanted to visit Northumberland.

  5. Look here... I've been following this make-over with, not to put too fine a point on it, interest, some might call it envy... I couldn't possibly comment. However, my next question now is, where are you going to live, while the hoi-polloi rent out this luscious space... the coal-hole?


  6. Oh that sweet Ottie in her new collar appears quite content with all the work that has been done. Fantastic job!
    And the valley with the wall is magnificent. Our country is so large, sometimes one must drive for days to see the hills and the valleys.
    Hope you're enjoying the Summer.
    Susan x

  7. All that hard work has paid off Julie, it's absolutely beautiful, a real treasure in a perfect setting. x

  8. Absolutely stunning Julie, I love, love it all. The chest is gorgeous next to the fireplace. Where will it be advertised for rental? Hope you are well.

  9. All looks amazing Julie. Can't wait to see the finishing post! Will you be listing through a booking agent or doing it yourself? I see a trip up north coming up :-)

  10. Very well done Julie, it looks amazing! Such a cosy place for a winter holiday! You must be very proud and relieved too? I hope it all goes well for you. Let me have the booking details when you are ready and I will pass them on to my sister.
    Hoping all is well with you, and you are managing a little rest in the sunshine. Much love, Linda xx

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