Thursday, 31 July 2014

Autentico or Annie?

Take a pair of sturdy, old chairs with 'lovely' pink dralon seat pads.... The sabre legs and scroll arms however, give them a nice Frenchy/Swedish feel.

So, purchase a tin of Autentico....Swedish blue and paint.

Not having used this paint before I thought I would give it a try spurred on by others who have.

The choice of colours is extensive and I must say, very nice to use.
2 coats give a perfect coverage.

Then, polished with clear wax and sanded...
And a nice grey/blue linen check fabric for the drop in seat.

 They have now been transformed into something anyone would be quite happy to park their bottom on.

For smooth, tidy furniture it is great, but I do prefer the texture of Annie Sloan for old, knackered furniture... it is a lot chalkier and sands differently, especially with a stained dark wax. 
It will be interesting however, to see how it wears.

A little aside from chalk paint....

The Bastle is now on a big tidy up..
I started on the boot room today, adding silly pieces like this old carrier bag on the back door hook.

An enquiry for renting at the beginning of September has now got me on overdrive. I will have to clean,  furnish and get everything finished inside.....whilst outside,
The courtyard wall is nearly finished, with the lovely old stable door now in situ and the wall climbing higher.

Hope you are all enjoying this lovely weather.....however, it looks like we are in for a change at the weekend.

Umbrellas and raincoats at the ready...

Boo hoo.
Julie x


  1. HI Julie
    I bought some Autentico, at the Swallows fair, I like it as well it is like an inbetweeny to matt paint and Annie Sloan but I love Annie Sloan more for the amazing texture her paints have. We are lucky to have the choice. Your chairs are gorgeous and the effect is perfect. Good luck with the finishing of of the Bastle it looks just the ticket for a lovely holiday stay .
    Lynn x

  2. The chairs look amazing, what a lovely paint colour - very Gustavian! The Bastle is looks perfect and I love the rustic-ness of the stable door.

  3. Hi Julie, The chairs look lovely. I was visiting one of my local antique/vintage shops this morning and they stock Autentico. I haven't bought any yet though, interesting that you say the texture is different, I do recall the shop owner telling me the paint feels thinner, more like traditional paints. will be interested to see how the chairs wear as you say. Happy cleaning, we've had rain, sunshine, wind and now clear skies down south. Sharon

  4. Just an hour ago I was pondering the very same question so I will keep your verdict in mind. You are right about the large Autentico colour choice too. This is for a dark grey chest of drawers...but I'm also wondering how it might wear on brick walls in a utility room. Advice please next time we meet up!

  5. Looking gorgeous Julie, all those little touches will make for a wonderful stay at The Bastle.
    Love Helen xx

  6. Lovely touches like the carrier bag on the door go a long way to make visitors feel "at home" in the Bastle. Hope it's soon full up! X

  7. Julie...I'm on a big "tidy up" too at my cottage but I'm doing it for myself. The Bastle looks lovely.
    xo, Rosemary

  8. Hi Julie, your chairs look wonderful, love that Swedish Blue. I agree with you that Annie Sloan is good for more rustic furniture, but overall I do prefer Autentico, as I prefer a finer finish. Their lime paints are fabulous for putting washes over your chalk paint for a more distressed look.
    Good news on the rental, I am sure the Bastle will be a big hit with your visitors. Much love, Linda x

  9. Hi Julie have a lovely Christmas, hope to see you in the New Year. My car wasn't too expensive!!