Saturday, 14 August 2010

£2.99 x 3 = under a tenner....

I don't often find much in charity shops these days....I think it is well sorted in the backroom and their prices are creeping up all the time.
However, I did find this lovely cookery book......Apples for Jam by Tessa Kiros.
I do like cooking, so this immediately caught my eye...... plus the little red shoes and of  course the £2.99 price tag.....
The photos inside are lovely and she has used vintage finds to display the food .....

I tried this simple recipe for broccolli with tomatoes and garlic the other night ......simple but very tasty.

I also spied this Cath Kidston umberella, price tag £2.99......

I put it up outside because as you all know it is unlucky to do so inside....

And....finally a lovely Saltwater top.....price tag £2.99....

I liked the simple button detail on the neck....and it looks great with an olive green T shirt underneath.

So all in all, a successful shopping trip.... I think I might have to go back again!

Julie x


  1. Love the Apples for Jam book, how lucky to find a copy.

  2. Wow you found some great bargains!
    Loving the book...that's on my Amazon wish list, so lucky to find it in a CS
    Well done you!
    Julie x

  3. Great finds, I know what you mean about the prices creeping up. Some of the things in my local charity shops are cheaper to buy new!

  4. Our local CS just had a "facelift" and although it's now substantially bigger and brighter, it's lost all that delve-for-a-bargain atmosphere, and Those In Charge have insisted the manageress put her prices up to cover the cost of the revamp!
    Such a shame because she had a really quick turnover and lots of stuff donated, so you knew it was worth a visit at least twice a week!

    Good year for apples so your book is a perfect purchase- enjoy

  5. Great bargains Julie. I have given up on our local charity shops because they never seem to have anything decent, but I might go and have a look now. My Mum who lives in Devon works in a local charity shop and they have some fantastic stuff in, and at great prices, but the shops up here are so disappointing. I love the CK umbrella, and glad you liked the trunk.
    Jo xx

  6. some great finds Julie. can I come shopping with you!? I never find such loveliness in charity shops. Lucyxx

  7. Gosh did,nt you do well! I like the look of the book, and the tops really lovely, and you know what a Cath fan i am !! My local charity shops seem to have dried up , so may be mneed to come to your patch!!! Linda x

  8. Our local charity shops are a mixed bunch - from far too cheap to 'they must be joking!!' I did a six-month stint in a CS after my Mum died, and certainly in that one, the helpers got first pick of the donations at a slightly cheaper price.

  9. Oh I lurrve Apples for jam, I have one in my kitchen, you are such a good shopper!! A girl after my own heart!! Love Helen xx

  10. Lovely finds.. you did very well! And I agree with the idea of charity shops sorting through goods, then looking them up on ebay!
    Tamzin X

  11. I know just what you mean about charity shops, there was one near us that was once an Aladin's cave of wonderful stuff but just recently the prices have all soared to beyond daft. Stuff doesn't seem to shift very quickly now....

  12. Good grief that is an excellent haul! This is truly a grand day's work!