Thursday, 5 August 2010

embroidered anenomes....

Embroidered pictures pass through my hands on a regular basis.....but this one I think will have to stay for now ....

Embroidered on fine linen and in its original frame of old white gloss paint......shiny, but I can live with that.....

The casual arrangement of the flowers in the bowl and on the table was the thing that attracted me, along with the soft, pretty colours and the swish of what looks like a curtain at the back of the table......

Now, I just need to find somewhere to put it......

 I think it could be destined for the bedroom.....

Julie x


  1. That is so pretty - definitely a keeper. Thank you for visiting my blog, glad you still get to come to Malvern. We haven't been here long but it's a lovely place.

  2. If you change your mind, I could give it a good home .... and the colours are just right for my bedroom!

  3. Hi Julie, that is such a pretty picture and in a lovely frame too. I'm rather envious and I think I'd have to keep it too.
    Enjoy your evening.

  4. That is so charming, I don't blame you for hanging on to it.

  5. oohh what a beauty! I have a space for it if you can't find somewhere! Lucyxx

  6. Gorgeous picture Julie, I would keep it too.
    Jo xx

  7. The picture itself is gorgeous, but I also love the frame - makes me want to paint a certain mirror frame the same colour. Now.
    Have a good weekend.
    P x

  8. The picture is beautiful, I have a collection of embroidered pictures but none are as pretty as that.
    Ann x

  9. Oh my goodness, that's totally exquisite. It's got my heart beating faster that's for sure. Lucky lucky you.