Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Three's a crowd....

Someone once told me that to be a "collector" of anything you must have more than three things....

Well, if that is the case, then I am already on my way with these rusty pieces of iron that I purchased a few weeks ago.

Iron shot measures.....I think these will look lovely on the kitchen windowsill with Muscari (grape hyacinths) inside.

I will have to wait for Spring of course.....

But, in the meantime, they can hold little tea lights for the approaching dark evenings that seem to be sneaking up...... far too quickly for my liking!

Three rusty, cast iron children's shoe lasts..... numbered one, two, three......cute little sizes with an impressed registered number and makers mark......

Finally, three vintage bowling balls with my initials cool is that?

Julie x


  1. My initials used to be J.O. too - a long time ago now though!

  2. I love finding old items with my initials on. It's as though they've been waiting for me all along.

    Along a similar vein, I love the shoe lasts. I have some lamps that are made from vintage bobbins that I am so in love with! I did a post on them a while ago if you are interested!

    I love your blog, by the way.

  3. the shot measures are a dream aren't they?
    My collections usually only get as far as three (always a good number to display I think) before I get sidetracked and start collecting yet something else!

    What did you decide to do with your chair?

  4. Julie, it's weird how things come in threes.
    Were you thinking of taking up bowling?....
    They're great and very decorative finds.